No7 Haul | Blushes and Lipsticks

So I was sent an email that if I spent £25 on No7 Makeup, I would get double points! So I was tempted as I swatched their blushes a couple of weeks ago and really liked the formula. And then I tried one of their lipsticks and fell in love too! So I knew I wanted to try more! So I purchased these, and thought I would show you!

No7 Powder Blush (Honey, Rose Blossom, Apricot Blossom)

I swatches these when I went to Telford and loooooved how smooth they were. Honey was a warm nude shade; kind of curious to see how it works for contouring! Apricot Blossom reminded me of Mac Gingerly (one of my all time favourite blushes!). Rose Blossom looks like a deeper version of my Tarte Blushing Bride Blush! So want to see how the two compare to the higher end ones!

No7 Match Made Moisture Drench Lipstick (Shiny Conker, Highland Mist, Ginger Rose)

I already have Tawny Rose. And oh goodness, the formula is delightful! It is nourishing but lasts pretty darn well on the lips! I had a Chicken Tikka Panini and it lasted through that! Obviously some had rubbed off, but the colour was still there! So I knew I wanted to try more shades! I love warm tones, and rose tones! The stated shades were the ones that intrigued me most!

I hope you enjoyed this little haul! I’ll obviously be doing reviews or product Wars on these!

Thank you so much for reading 💛

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