FULL COLLECTION | Zoeva Sweet Glamour Collection

I couldn’t pass this collection up at all! Just look at those pastels! Ugh, I die! So gorgeous! And I have rarely been disappointed by Zoeva products so I really had high hopes for this product! The collection comes with a blush palette and an eyeshadow palette. All with pastel pinks, purples and creamy whites!

The packaging is to die for! Pastel, cute and pretty! And the rainbow font!! I die!!! It’s lush! And it is sturdy but lightweight, like all of their gorgeous palettes! Lush!

The Eyeshadows

The eyeshadows swatch beautifully! Super creamy, super pearly! But that is where is ends to be honest. On the eye, they are very lack lustre. I’ve worked with pastel eyeshadows before, so know it to be possible. But these, goodness me. Left a lot more to be desired. I tried at first applying them dry on my brush, then wet, and then with my finger. Nothing. This was what I got. The mattes are a lot better than the shimmers. The mattes are creamy and blend. But they almost blend away. It took so long just to get these looks! The only three shades I actually reach for this palette for now, is Fuzzy Haze, Daydream and Childhood Adaptation. But only ever as blending shades, for a sheer wash. As that is all this palette can do!

Fuzzy Haze, Wish Fulfillment, Profusion

Fuzzy Haze, Object to Subject, Daydream, Spirits Hold Desire

Artistic Creation, Childhood Adaption, Profusion, Fuzzy Haze, Daydream
Fuzzy Haze, Phantasy Principle, Quite Realistic

There is only two words for these eyeshadows. Lack lustre. So disappointing!

The Blush Palette

Highlight – Interpretation of Dreams, Apples – Ideal Love, Cheek Hollows – Sweet Escape

The blushes are a lot better. But still not wonderful they are more pigmented, and do show up. But like the matte eyeshadows, there is a lot of fly away pigment, so as I apply them and blend them out, they tend to float away and the pigment gets disrupted and patchy. The highlighter, I expected, to be a lot more intense, and it is more subtle and kind of chalky. Exaggerating my peach fuzz on my lip and nose! Now I love Frida Kahlo, I have her tattooed on me, but I don’t suit the facial hair as well a her! It does what it’s supposed to. Not the worst, it certainly not the best!

So yeah, I want to say I was mildly disappointed with this. But I was actually MAJORLY disappointed with this! The formula is so unlike the other collections I have from Zoeva!! Could that be because Talc is the main ingredient in this? Making it too powdery? I dunno! But I would avoid this and save your money. I literally only use Childhood Adaption and Daydream out of the eyeshadows, for subtle blends on brighter looks. Which is rare. And the blush palette is now at the back of my drawer. Unused. Not a fan! Save yo cash!

I hope you found this useful. Sorry if this was too negative! I just wanted to express my honest opinion!

Thanks so much for reading!

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