First Impression | NYX Candy Slick Glowy Lip Colour + Lip Swatches!

I’m slowly delving back into the world of lipglosses and lipsticks after being so heavily committed to the liquid lipstick! I think it’s because it’s winter, and I like that nourishment! And I think it wears off a little better too!

First off the packaging is adorable! The rose gold is delightful and the fact it ha the corresponding colour swirled through it makes it look like candy. Pretty obvious that was what they were going for considering they are called Candy Slicks…well done Emily! But yes, very cut touch! The doe foot applicator is p fairly easy to use, but you do get a lot of product on there. I have rather large lips, so it doesn’t bother me but if you have smaller lips, I can imagine this might be a bit of a hinderance!

The colour section is lovely, however I was boring and went for the nude shades. Mainly because if I wear a bold lip, I want it to be matte so it stays put. These do have a tendency to move around a bit as they are glosses, so that was the issue I would have had with the colourful shades!

The colours I picked were Creme Bee, S’mores Please and Sugarcoated Kiss. Creme Bee is a lovely pink nude, Sugarcoated Kiss is a true nude and S’mores Please is a brown nude! All lovely neutral shades, perfect to accompany any look! The texture is great; not sticky in the slightest. And very very comfortable. It almost has a cooling sensation on the lips, not plumping and minty, but soothing and cucumber like! They smell lush, like candy (duh Emily!).

Top -S’mores Please, Middle – Creme Bee, Bottom – Sugar Coated Kiss

They didn’t last the greatest on my lips, and they did disrupt when it came to wearing a matte lipstick underneath. So I think they are best worn on their own. They are very pigmented and aren’t a wishy washy gloss. They pack a punch!

I really rate these glosses! I have tried more expensive lip glosses which are nice but the formula of these is exceedingly better. Comfortable, soothing and nourishing! Plus they smell divine! Those are the pros. The cons are they don’t last very long and can disrupt a liquid lip underneath. But alone, they are most delightful! If you get a chance to look at these in store, do give them a swatch! See if they tickle your fancy, and then perhaps purchase if they are your kind of thing!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think of these glosses! I’m intrigued to see if you like them as much as me!

Thanks for reading! 💛

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