FULL REVIEW | Bh Cosmetics Duolight Highlight Palette

My sister got me this palette for my birthday. I love highlighters and anything duochrome so this was everything I could ever wish for!

The packaging is super sturdy and beautiful! It is a thick cardboard, but not the cheap cardboard that you get from Anastasia Beverley Hills (god I hate their packaging!). It is very nice to hold! The pan sizes are so generous! Especially considering you are getting nine highlighters!! And you get them that big! Very impressive!

The formulas are delightful!! I would say they all have the same consistency. They are slightly gritty in the pan, but not gritty on the face! It is exceptionally pigmented and the duochrome is so sheeny and shiny! The base colour is very intense but the duochrome is slightly more subtle until you hit the light and then it is like BAM!

My favourite shade out of the palette, is Double Take. It has a pearl like base but then has a gorgeous green, taupe duochrome! It is such a unique shade! But due to that uniqueness, I only wear it when I’m wearing a super natural look so that it can be the statement! My most used shades are Double Trouble and Top It Off. They are the most flattering shades on my skin tone! I love anything with a golden sheen to it but those two have a lovely base that shifts to a bright gold! The two shades I want to use more of are Top Notch and Double Whammy! They are such special shades and only used them a couple of times when trying the palette! But when I did I caught myself in the mirror like, ooooo that highlight! The only shade I don’t use much of is Top Secret due to its cool silvery tone. However it is a very neutral one i.e it doesn’t have a colour to it, so I should give it more of a chance!

I am now going to go through each shade and talk a little about them!

Double Up

Double Up is super unique and isn’t the “bluest” shade in the palette, ironically. It actually shifts to a beautiful pink purple so is a lot softer and not too blue!

Double Time

This is definitely the bluest shade of the palette, which is weird as it is pink. But the best way to describe it is that the duo chrome is the brighter part of this highlighter so it come across more blue! It’s so pretty!

Top Secret

This is the most neutral of all of the shades as it has no real colour to it! Which means if I wanted a blinding highlight when you are wearing lots of bright colours or if it is super dramatic!

Double Take

This is the most unique and beautiful shade. It reminds me of a pastel version of MAC Club, but as a highlight. You need to try it, it is so insane!

Double Date

Double date is the most beautiful bronze gold highlight. With a tan, this could be the most flattering highlight ever! But even without a tan it is stunning!

Top Notch

This shade is lush. The baby link is nice and cool but the duochrome is fairly golden so it makes it a more neutral shade! It is beautiful!

Double Trouble

This is Double Dates more demure sister. Kind of like my twin sister! She’s the classic one! It is super beautiful, more champagne than gold. But really lush!

Top It Off

This shade is like an apricot shade but that doesn’t actually show up on the skin. It is more of a pale gold shade! Lovely colour!

Double Whammy

This shades bliiinding! And super sparkly! Probably the sparkliest shade in the palette! It not glittery! Do not worry!

All in all I really rate this palette! First of all you get an awesome amount of product! But the product you are getting lots of is absolutely INSANE! If you like highlight and you like. I can’t really dupe these shades! And this is around the ยฃ15 mark! So even if you could dupe it, this is so affordable you might be spending half the price on a single highlight! Do it! You won’t regret it ๐Ÿ˜

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! ๐Ÿ’›

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