Huge Haul | Space NK, MAC, Glam Glow

I did some damage. Like, serious damage! We were in Manchester, and there was Space NK and there were offers on and I did Back To MAC! So I thought I would show you the things that I bought! And I’m super excited to review these on my blog!+

Eyelure Paloma Faith and Enchanted After Dark Eyelashes – I am really getting into eyelashes that aren’t my go to Primark eyelashes! Like fancy ones! Some of you may not think these are fancy, but for me, any eyelashes that don’t cost £1 are fancy haha! I love Paloma Faith so I had to pick those up, and the Enchanted ones were sooooo fluttery that I just had to pick them up.

PS…Full Look Eyelashes – My tried and true Primark Eyelashes! I had to pick some up as they are my favourites!

MAC Blushes (Pinch Me, Prism) – I was on the look for some new blushes. I wanted a very neutral one. And saw Pinch Me and knew I had to have it. But they had run out of them in the single pots. Sooooo…I was kind of gutted, but then had a brain wave! I thought I’d get a Duo palette. So went to have a look at another blush and fell in love with Prism! It is a slightly warmer version of Harmony which is perfect for my skin tone as Harmony looked a little too cool for me! So I picked that up to make up my Duo!

MAC Lipstick (Verve) – I had used up 6 MAC lipstick FINALLY! So if you don’t know what that means…it means free lipstick for recycling 6 empty MAC products! I used up a Creme in Your Coffee and love the classic deeper brown nude, so thought I’d try a similar shade. And this is a satin finish, which is a lovely comfortable formula. Very exciting to inject this into my everyday routine!

Glam Glow Galacticleanse – I heard this is an amazing Cleanser! And it was 15% off, so I had to give it a go! It smells INSANE, kind of bubblegummy! It’s delicious! I tried it last nigh (I was too excited okay) and it isn’t drying AT ALL! I don’t feel tight and “damn, where is my moisturiser”. I’m going to do a full review of this!

YourGoodSkin Instant Dryness Rescue – I’m not gonna lie, if I bought a your good skin product, I got 200 points….so I looked and saw this and thought this seemed really cool! I am getting really dry skin at the minute, probably down to the weather, but apparently you can wear this over makeup as a rescue cure! I was intrigued!

Duo Lash Glue – As I’m getting into eyelashes, I wanted to get another tube as my other one is nearly empty, so I thought I’d get it ready for when I’m out!

Barry M Molten Metals Nail Polish (Peachy Feels) – This literally looks like MAC Expensive Pink Eyeshadow…in a nail varnish!!! I had to! I’m wearing this for Valentines Day for sure!

Omorovizca The Queen Of Hungary Mist Travel Size – Aparently this is the mist to end all mists. Full size is £45!!! But I really wanted to try it! So I got the travel size instead, just in case I didn’t like it. But I tried it on my hand, and oh my lord!! The finest most beautiful mist! I couldn’t cope. Had to purchase!

Glam Glow X Becca Mini Set – I loooooved the highlighter swatch when there was a tested, and I am all down for a peel off mask! And it smells like sweeties! It’s beautiful! And bright pink. My boyfriend won’t know what hit him when I put this all over his face!

NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow (Melrose) – This is like MAC Expensive Pink, 2.0! It is like it on steroids! It’s so pretty, the gold duochrome is so rich and brightening. I can’t wait to add this to my collection! And wear it in the inner corner!

And that is everything I bought. Yes I went mad….very very mad. But I work hard for my money, so thought, why not have a bit of a blow out!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Hauls are probably one of the most fun blogs to write, to me! And one of my favourites to read!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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