Product Wars | FAKE VS GENUINE | Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick (Doll Parts)

We have all done it! Thought we would get a better deal on eBay. And then we ended up getting a major flop. I mean if you’re going to copy someone’s hard work you might as well make it similar and undetectable! So I thought I would try this out, see if I would get a decent copy or a dud. And I have to admit. It was a dud! They didn’t match the shade, or the texture of the finish! It cost me £7. And I chose the most reputable seller. So if you have your eyes on a pricier item, just wait until you can afford it. I promise you you are probably going. Or end up buying it anyway to replace your fake copy! So better off buying the real thing in the first place!!

As you can see the tones are entirely different. The fake is a lot more Barbie Hot Pink (blue toned) whereas the genuine one is a lot softer and natural looking. The sticker as well looks a lot more genuine as it has the branding and embossing in it. Plus it looks neater and tidier!

The finish is very different also. The fake is streaky and didn’t dry down matte, almost like a gloss. I mean come on, your copying a liquid lipstick known for its matte texture! And it is nothing like it! I am so disappointed! However the genuine (😍) is lovely and creamy, very pigmented and does dry down matte! It’s so lovely! Feeling them on the lips, you can definitely tell the quality of them and how they differ so much!

The lies are also very different. The genuine has a rose gold logo and the feeling of the lid is very sleek smooth. Has a bit of weight to it too. The fake feels like a lid off of kids makeup and the sticker is also gold. See, it’s little details. If you are going to copy someone’s hard work and successful product, you’ve got to make it undetectable that it’s a fake. Otherwise you are going to be caught out!! This I could tell was a fake from a MILE off!

All in all what have we learnt? Buy the genuine. You support the inventor, the money goes to the company so they can make more of the RIGHT product. The fakes are nearly always going to be cheap, poor quality and who knows WHERE it came from! And the ethics that surround that!

For example someone bought a fake mascara and started loosing their vision. Turns out the mascara was made up of BLACK ACRYLIC PAINT! How can someone do that to people! People that buy fakes are obviously on a budget! And penalising someone because they can’t afford the genuine product with lack of SIGHT! It’s just disgusting!

So I urge you all, if you can’t afford the genuine, I would wait until you can, otherwise you may get a product that not only isn’t the best quality but also could have risks and breaching ethics! Which we don’t want!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛

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