Collection Review | BH Cosmetics “Royal Affair” Collection

This is the first FULL collection I have tried from BH Cosmetics! And what a one to choose! You get brushes, glitters, liquid lipsticks and a palette! So I couldn’t wait to get this stuff all over my face, so I’m going to split them up and show you what I think of them, and looks I did with the products too! Enjoy!

The Brushes

Apologies for them being dirty, but it shows they have been well loved and used! These brushes are fantastic! I was skeptical with the quality! But I was so so so impressed! The handles are so beautiful! I love the shade of pink chrome/lilac they used! It is so gorgeous! They are very comfortable to use and don’t feel too heavy or too light. The bristles are super soft, which is great. I have a rating of softness for brushes; is it as soft as my guinea pigs nose? Yes, yes they are

Some are used, some are still wet and others are in my makeup bag for my boyfriends! 🙈

Tapered Powder Brush – This brush is super soft! I use this to apply bronzer as it blends it so beautifully into the hollows of my cheek!

Large Chiselled Contour Brush – I use this for blush, as I normally apply my blush as a contour, just personally I prefer it! But the chiselled nature of this brush works so well for this! Very comfortable and easy!

Large Flat Top Buffing Brush – These are my favourite brushes for foundation! And this one does the trick wonderfully! Flawless!

Angled Blush Brush – I love this brush for contour! The angled edge makes it perfect for applying it into my cheekbones! It’s lovely!

Large Crease Blending Brush – This blends a transition shade, so beautifully. It is super fluffy which makes the gradient so easy to make!

Tapered Crease Blending Brush – I normally use this brush to deepen my crease, due to its tapered nature!

Detailing Crease Blending Brush – I will use this blush to smoke out my outer v or my crease! It makes it so easy!

Tapered Concealer Brush – I tried using this brush for concealer, but found it didn’t work so well. So I normally use this it I want to pack eyeshadow onto my lid, or to powder a cut crease!

Flat Shader Brush – I normally use this brush to pack on shadows over my lid! The stiffness of the brush makes it really easy to do!

Angled Liner Brush – I actually use this brush for my eyebrows! And it has crept its way into my everyday makeup bag, as I find it’s the best for setting the brows with a powder!

The Eyeshadows

These eyeshadows have such a gorgeous quality to them. Rich buttery pigmentation!The mattes are so smooth and blend out seamlessly, the shimmers are creamy and shiny! And the cheeky Duo Chrome in there is nice too. Probably the weakest shade in the palette, but it’s still pretty! But the rest of them pack a punch.

My personal favourite shades in this palette are Duchess (the richest chocolate brown…insert heart eyes here!!!), Emperor (a dupe for Makeup Geek Desert Sands) and Lady (a beautiful warm coral!). Like I previously mentioned, there is only one shade that was mildly disappointing and that was Throne. It is definitely more of a topper shade than a stand alone shade! Monarch is also a dupe for Makeup Geek Dirty Martini. And Empress is a dupe for Makeup Geek Preppy! So if you’d like these shades in a quad, they would be around the £20 mark. For this whole palette, it’s £14! Can’t complain!!

The following pictures are looks I have created using this palette! They are super flattering on green eyes! And they blend beautifully. Harmonies together wonderfully and create some super dramatic, or beautifully natural (with a lil something special)! A great mix of matte and shimmer, colour and neutral too! A great all rounder palette!

Lady, Emperor, Monarch, Imperial
Palace, Duchess, Lord
Prince, Primrose, Duchess, Throne
Lady, Enchanted, High Tea, Princess
Empress, Monarch, Enchanted, Crown
Reign, Emperor, Prince, Regal, Primrose
Majesty, Honor, Aristocrat, Palace
Majesty, Duchess, Imperial

The Glitters

The glitters intrigued me and were fantastic colours to go with the rest of the collection! A beautiful selection of colours! And the consistency is lovely of them too. They aren’t majorly chunky, but not so finely milled that they fly everywhere!! They are perfection!

I applied them with my usual PaintGlo Glitter Mixing medium! And then I used a flat brush to pack the shades on the lid! I loved how versatile the glitters are. You can wear them as an eyeshadow, as a cream when mixed with the medium or a liner! I tried all of the different ways and was not disappointed! The shade Warm Espresso is my favourite. There is something so amazing about a dark glitter! It is such a unique shade! Gold Rush is probably then nicest gold glitter I have used! Even more so than my Festival Face one! Lit is beautiful too, but I found this one did have a little more gappy and full opacity wasn’t as easy to get. I was unsure why. Maybe I just got a bad one! But it’s still beautiful. Might be better as a liner!

Warm Espresso

Gold Rush

The Liquid Linens

I was skeptical with these. I’ll be honest, my first impression was that they wouldn’t be good. And you know why? I thought that because I didn’t like the packaging. I thought it was too light and kind of cheap feeling. Oh how wrong I was. The consistency of these. Holy shit! Undetectable on then lips. By that I mean it doesn’t feel like I have anything on my lips. But I have the most intense and pigmented colour in actual fact! It’s crazy! I freaking love these!

Like I said, I really don’t like the packaging. It is so lightweight and cheap feeling. But the contents inside, is amazing! So I can deal with that! I love the mix of shades in this collection and I like how they have more wearable shades and a couple of brighter ones! Sometimes in these sort of collection there will always be a blue or a green. But all of these shades I can wear, and WANT to wear! Because they are beautiful and super flattering!

They feel so lightweight on the lips! That is the only way I can describe them. But then you look in the mirror and you have a majorly pigmented liquid lip on! However I have found due to their lightweight consistency they do wear off slightly quicker than say, my Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks. But the colours and feeling of them are so beautiful, I will be willing to reapply them more than usual!

(From Top to Bottom)

Carin – a beautiful light peach that is lovely and wearable for ladies with a warmer complexion. Can be a bit pale for deeper skin tones, however with a deeper lip liner I’m sure you’ll rock it!

Vania – the most beautiful rose shade! A your lips be better shade! And it will compliment any skin tone with any undertone!

Stephanie – a lovely deeper brown nude! Kind of Carin but about four shades deeper! So I think it would look a lot more complimentary on warmer complexions! However I think it would be loads more striking on a cooler undertone.

Simone – probably my favourite shade in the set! The most flattering deep raspberry shade ever! Anyone can wear it! It is more wearable due to the depth opposed to being brighter!

Maria – Probably the most flattering red I have ever worn. And whenever I have a red lip urge, this will be what I pick! It is so gorgeous. Not to warm but not too cool either. A very universal Ruby shade!

And that is the entire Royal Affair Collection! I am in love with this collection! Probably my favourite collection I have reviewed. So versatile, wearable but with gorgeous unique pops of colour!

I really hope you enjoyed this full collection review. These are probably my most favourite posts to write along with hauls!

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨

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