First Impression | Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Fix Jelly Mask

I was very intrigued by these jelly masks. Mainly because I am somewhat satisfied with the texture. But also because I am a huge fan of masks. And when The word hydration is involved, I am all about it!

I applied this mask with a flat foundation brush as suggested online (does not have instructions on the tub). I cleansed my face and dried it and then applied this with my brush as I previously stated. I avoided my eye and lip area due to their sensitivity. It does state that this can cause natural discolouration, but I haven’t had any problems with this! It even says for an extra cooling affect you can put it in the fridge!! I haven’t tried that! But think that would be perfect in the summer months!

It feels really cooling on the skin, but it is weird how hydrating it feels. Normally gels and jellies don’t hydrate my skin as well, but this really feels plumping! I wouldn’t say it is nourishing though. I would prefer to use the word cooling. Due to its texture! It smells like ginger in my opinion, very spicy and warming smelling but cooling feeling, if that makes sense haha. It does tingle a big on a bit on application. But to me I like that, as I know it is doing something to my skin. It doesn’t sting though, just tingle. But I do have very sensitive skin anyway!

Once I have washed it off my face it feels super lovely. It feels clean and clarified, but certainly plump! It hyaluronic acid in it so that’s probably why I feel so hydrated! I have just read that it does state it will plump your skin, so that is a claim I 100% agree with! I think this would be super lovely even for mature skin who may want a bit of a moisture boost! But for me 23 year old self, I find it super lush also! It’s a big win in my eyes! I recommend it to you all!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨💋

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