First Impression | Revolution Eye Glisten (Adored By You, Yours Truly, Desired)

I was so excited to try these! I rarely get sucked into products unless I do lots of research but I didn’t read about these at all, but knew I wanted to try them! First of all the colours are stunning!!! And I love the concept as I’ve tried a lot more liquid eyeshadows recently from Stila to BhCosmetics! And thought I would want to try another affordable alternative to the Stila or Huda Beauty versions!

There are two different formulas with these! There is a glitter one and a metallic one! The metallic ones are absolutely stunning, and I would say are compatible to the Stila ones! They are so smooth, they glide on the lid with ease but with full pigment! Stunning! However the glitters….I didn’t have the best experience with. As I applied the glitter over the metallic, it took most of the pigment off, leaving my eyelid peeking through. Which looked ghastly! I’ll show you what I mean!

Yours Truly
Adored By You

But as you can see, the colour combinations are to die for! I think my favourite one is Yours Truly!! The purpley colour mixed with the most gorgeous warm rose gold is so pretty! However you can see that together, the different textures almost compete against each other. Which is the most pleasant to look at. The glitter isn’t quite as opaque as I would like, and there is a lot of clear gel in with them, which shows through. Which isn’t pretty. But it isn’t buildable as it takes more off, the more you apply. It was an epic fail!

The metallic shades made doing a cut crease super easy! As you can simply carve your crease out using them! They have a doe foot applicator however slightly more like a paddle/flat doe foot, rather than the typical “lipgloss” angled doe foot. The glitter side has the same applicator too. The metallic side are a lovely buildable texture! You can wait for them to dry and apply another coat no problem.

So I wanted to see if the glitters could be used differently, so I had a go at seeing if a liner could be done…it couldn’t. Like, not even a little bit. It was dire!


However I then thought maybe the lighter glitters could be used as inner corner highlights. Which did work!!! Like not just passable, they actually looked super pretty!

Adored By You
Yours Truly

As you can see not only does that work, but it actually looks really beautiful too! So we have finally found a way to use the light glitters! The red glitter is just an epic fail!

All in all I really like these! The only one I regret purchasing is the red one because the red metallic is nice, it the red glitter is just awful! But the other two have the sweetest tones! Very ethereal and gentle looking! The glitter looks stunning in the inner corner! And the metallics look gorgeous on the lid. So I really like them!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these! I would steer clear from the red one, but the lighter ones are well worth the purchase!

Thank you so much for reading!

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