Haul | Beauty Bay : LA Girl, Wet n Wild, Beauty Bay

Call this preparation…but I knew I was going to get upset and emotional after my gynaecology appointment…so they day before I made a Beauty Bay order so I knew it would arrive in the afternoon. So I would have pretties to look at and play with to cheer me up!

Beauty Bay Berry 42 Colour Palette – I saw this palette and I loved how the colours looked all together. Some lovely nude shades, some rich rosey shades and some deep chocolate shades. They look so cohesive and beautiful so I’m super excited to try this. Only down side, is one of the shades was broken inside. But out of 42, I’m not too bothered. And I still have some left in the pan to be able to use! Was a bit annoying, but the shades are so soft and buttery, I’m surprised more didn’t break in transit!

Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipstick (Mocha-licious, Bare It All, In The Flesh) – I’ll be honest, RawBeautyKristi made me buy Mocha-licious and it is literally the most beautiful deep nude shade ever! I’m so chuffed! And can’t wait to wear it. Bare it All is the perfect wig nude shade! And In The Flesh is a gorgeous rose shade! I can’t wait to is these!

LA Girl Shockwave Neon Eyeliner (Fresh, Blackout, Vivid) – These really appeal to me, and I loved the concept! These are probably the brightest eyeliners I have ever seen! I am hoping they are super creamy but dry down in the water line so they stay put as I have very watery eyes. But I swatched Fresh, went for a run in the rain, and it still stayed put throughout! So I’m impressed….

Revolution Conceal and Define Full Coverage Concealer (C2) – Just a repurchase. I need this concealer at all times in my life. It’s perfection! Covers so well, perfect tone for my skin tone (fair with yellow undertones) and it doesn’t crease or exaggerate my eye texture!

Beauty Bay “Shade Out” Brush – I’m really getting into cut creases now I have mastered them for my eye shape, so I thought I would buy another brush, slightly bigger than my usual brush that I use. Just to see how it helps me apply my base,

LA Girl Pro Contour Powder – Now I love my Smashbox Contour palette, but the bronze shade I find I don’t use. Whereas this, looks and feels exactly the same, but without the bronze shade. It’s also like £20 cheaper!! So I want to see how they compare!

That’s all the things I bought and I’m not gonna lie, I felt loads better after I opened this parcel. I’m okay, I’m just being told there is nothing they can do for my endometriosis as I’m so young. And I have never wanted kids, so a hysterectomy is on the cards when I’m older. But I’m just too young to get one. “You might meet the right guy and change your mind” they said…nope, I have found the right guy and we do not want kids full stop. We want goats instead. But yeah, just a difficult situation to be in, as I’m in constant pain. But makeup helps a lot!

Sorry for that little rant….I hope you enjoyed the post! I love writing up these hauls! They make me so happy!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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