Collection Review | Zoeva Offline Collection (Eyeshadows, Brushes, Blush/Highlight)

This set intrigued me because of the colour combos. The dusty duck egg blues and night rich burgundies! With pops of purples and clean linen shades too! Super beautiful! So I had to buy this collection and with the solid justification for my followers…not for my own love of pretty things….ahem.

What do you get in this collection? You get a 10 pan eyeshadow palette, a 3 shade blush palette, 4 brushes and a makeup bag! The most expensive part of this collection is the brushes! But are they worth it….oooo you’ll have to keep reading!

I love the packaging of Zoeva products! Super lightweight but not cheap feeling! Super Luxe without being OTT! And the colours of the items packaging are absolutely stunning! I can’t get over them!

The Eyeshadow Palette

They eyeshadow palette consists of 5 matte shades and 5 shimmer shades! The texture of the mattes are super soft and buttery! And they blend a dream! The shimmer shades are a lot more harder but they certainly pack a punch! They also apply better with a brush, over your fingers! Which I have found is rare for Zoeva shadows, as I was totally expecting to need to use my finger for these shadows. The eyeshadow colours are:

Ring Ring Ring – matte off white

No Connection – shimmer duck egg blue

Pause – matte bone

Unavailable – shimmer violet

404 – shimmer silvery champagne

Contact – matte muted lilac

Human After All – matte cool beige

Pasithea – matte rich red

On/Off – shimmer neutral bronze

Interpersonal – shimmer burgundy

I’m going to show you my makeup looks I created with these shades here! This palette creates a wonderful, versatile array of looks! You can go all out with a deep red smokey eye or keep it a super light matte beige look!

Ring Ring Ring, Human Afterall, 404, On/Off

Contact, Unavailable
Ring, Ring, Ring, Human After All, No Connection, On/Off
Pause, Contact, Pasithea
Pasithea, Interpersonal, 404
Pause, Human After All, Interpersonal

The shadows are a beautiful consistency and make blending them effortlessly. I would go as far and say this is the best palette I have tried from Zoeva. The fact you can apply the, with a brush and it looks beautiful makes it super handy as you don’t have to mucky up your fingers! The mattes are so smooth and blend into nothing with ease! My only hiccup I found with this palette was that the shades Ring Ring and Pause are so similar that it would have been nice to maybe have a deeper matte brown in its replacement. I would have thought that would have been more useful and would make it even more versatile! But all in all, really impressed with this palette.

The Blushes

I was really intrigued by the blushes as they are so bright, and I haven’t got similar colours in my collection! They consist of two matte blushes and a highlight! The highlight looks like it was going to blind so I was so excited! The palette consists of:

Calm Comfort – Champagne Highlight

Privacy – Deep Magenta/Lavender

Holistic Balance – Scarlett/Magenta

These blushes are a lot more pigmented than I expected! They are very smooth and buttery and boy they are INTENSE! So they need a light hand, even for the blush fiend that is me! But I actually really like them. Privacy is a shade like no other, it’s not pink but it’s not purple! It’s so unusual! Holistic Balance is kind of the shade I flush to when I go on my 10 mile runs! So when applied carefully, can look like a natural healthy flush!

The highlighter….ih. It’s a bit blahhh for me. It is lovely to swatch and looks super blinding and pigmented. But on the face it just doesn’t apply so well. I don’t know whether it is just not the right tone for me, or whether it genuinely is just a little lack lustre. But I’ve had highlighters, cheaper, that BLIND! And this, in, kind of like one of those energy light bulbs when you first turn them on. Like it provides illumination, but you could certainly do with a lot more!

Privacy, Calm Comfort
Holistic Balance, Calm Comfort

The Brushes

The brushes, like always in terms of Zoeva, are stunning. Like did you really expect anything less? They are just beautiful. The colour of the handle, like I need a moment…..okay moment over. So so so so so pretty. It’s not green! It’s not blue. AH ITS SO PRETTY! With the gold handle…mmmmm….just divine! The brushes you get are:

Cream Cheek – I used this just as an angled blush brush. It’s stunning and applied the Offline Blushes beautifully! The angled nature gives it a more chiselled appearance and you know me, I love to contour with my blush! 🙈

Luxe Powder Fusion – This brush is gorgeous! I used this to apply the Offline Highlight and did consider this being the problem…but it really wasn’t. It was the highlight. As I applied my Becca highlighter and my Makeup Geek highlighter with it and they applied absolutely fine.

Luxe Petit Crease – This brush is perfect for deepening the crease or smoking out the lash lines! I used this with the eyeshadows On/Off, Pasithea and Interpersonal and it did it so effortlessly!

Luxe Smokey Shader – This brush is amazing for packing on any eyeshadow. Matte or shimmer, this gets the job done so easily! But can also be used blend and smoke eyeliners too!

So to answer your question, yes these are well worth the money!!! And then some. Yes it is pricey for 4 brushes, but the quality you are getting is so so so worth it! I promise you!

The Makeup Bag

It’s such a beautiful colour…of course, and it is super soft! It is quite small, so I would use this mainly for my brushes only, as it can fit more brushes than products. However the texture and appearance of this is just beautiful! I had to mention it!

All in all I highly recommend this collection. The only flop was the highlight, but I can let that slide for how beautiful everything else was! Let me know what you think of this!

I hope you enjoyed this full collection! I love writing these!

Thank you so much for reading!

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