Full Review | NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow

I went into Space NK when I went to Edinburgh and the lady told me how NARS had revamped their eyeshadows and come out with some new super sparkly shades. Now me, being a magpie, I was very keen to try these so I picked a couple up. Tried them. Obsessed. Completely and utterly. So gradually started to build up my collection! And I have all the shades I had my eye on now. So you know what that means! REVIEW TIME!

These eyeshadows are insanely brightening and shiny! They definitely have chunky glitter in them. Which to me is fine, as I always use a setting spray to apply these kinds of eyeshadows. And would urge you to do the same if you want high high pigment. Otherwise you do get just a sheer wash over the eyes, which if thats what you are going for, awesome! I just like a heavy pigment!

How I apply them is using them as a pop. So I’ll wear my usual eyeshadows p, such as my Morphe 35W palette. I’ll spray my brush, usually with MAC Fix+, and then I’ll tap them on my eyelid, inner corner or brow bone!

They have various shades, from deep browns, warm golds to pops of colour! Which is amazing! As there will probably a shade for everyone that people fancy. Only down side to this product, is the price! These babies are Β£17 EACH! Which is ridiculous. But they are so gorgeous, to me, they are very much worth the investment! Just buy them in stages πŸ˜‚ all in one, you might splutter at the total!

The shades I bought were as followed. And this is how I used them.

Chile – Taupe with a hot pink/baby pink duochrome. Great for a pop with a purple look!
Madrid – Olive with gold/purple duochrome. Perfect for all over the lid, with a warm crease shade, or for a pop of shimmer.
Ecstasy – Gorgeous Mint Green, perfect for a pop in the inner corners!
Melrose – Rosy Pink, with a right gold duochrome. I love this all over the lid, or as the highlight in a halo eye or cut crease!

All of these shades are super buttery, but do feel a little crumbly and gritty. But I don’t find that a problem, as the texture doesn’t translate on the eye as they melt onto the eye when pressed over the lid! Which I find very comfortable!

All in all I really like these eyeshadows! It is just the hefty price tag that I find a negative of them. But are they worth it? Absolutely!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! πŸ’›βœ¨

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