Full Review | No7 Match Made Moisture Drench Lipstick

I purchased these when I was getting into lipsticks again as I thought it would be nice to invest in some good nudes and I love how these are advertised as moisturising and flattering shades. The packaging is so sleek and luxe feeling and for £10 a lipstick, you feel like you’re using a more expensive lipstick!

Left-Right (Tawny Rose, Caramel Silk, Ginger Rose, Deep Rust, Shiny Conker)

The formula of these are gorgeous! They are very nourishing feeling, like a lip balm. But the pigment packs a punch! They are not a sheer formula! Two swipes and you have full saturation! I have picked very warm shades as they flatter my skin tone a lot more. I did purchase the shade Highland Mist; beautiful colour, just not flattering on me! So I gave this shade to my momma.

They offer a fantastic range of shades from warm corals, deep reds to cool pinks! And everything in between. You can get shade matched and they show you the best shades to suit your skin tone which is fantastic! I didn’t use this service as I knew what I wanted, but for those who are unsure, I think it’s amazing!

I am now going to go through the shades that I bought and discuss what I like about them!

Deep Rust – This shade is a deeper muted coral shade! Which I find is a subtle way to wear a coral, without looking like you have a stain from sweets on your skin! It is a very natural coral shade! You can wear this with any warm eyeshadow, or even a cool Taupe eyeshadow, but I would let the colour of the lipstick be the main statement of colour, like I wouldn’t wear a purple with this as it may clash. But hey, if you wanna, go for it! I just don’t think it’d suit my complexion!

Ginger Rose – This is the best coral shade for my skin tone. It is very illuminating and lifts my usually sallow and dull complexion! Kind of how a Lavender corrector would work! I would wear this with a winged eyeliner and a bit of bronzer in the crease and some heavy highlighter! So I look super fresh and lifted!

Tawny Rose – This Lipstick is my lips but better colour. I have quite a deep lip colour naturally, so this just enhances that, evens the tone out and gives me a lovely moisturising layer over my lips. I would wear this with ANYTHING. I’ve worn it with a black smokey eye, but I’ve also worn this with a subtle peachy nude eyeshadow look too. It doesn’t overpower any look!

Shiny Conker – This shade is literally the shade of a conker. It is a deep rust shade, and the moisturising finish makes it actually look like a shiny conker. Very apt name for sure! I love how flattering this is on my skin tone! I would wear this with a lighter warm smokey eye, or black smudged lashlines. This also looks great when blended out with your finger as a stain. It looks super grungy but sexy!

Caramel Silk – My dream brown nude! It is a warm camel shade, which I think is super flattering! It is exceptionally neutral so will go with absolutely anything! I kind of want to wear a pop of green or blue with this as I find it would look super Brightening. It is such a lovely nude that doesn’t compete with any look! So if you want to wear a deep dark navy eyeshadow look, or a simple liner look, this will suit whatever you choose!

I hope you enjoyed this review! I would love it if you told me if you have tried these and if you have a colour recommendation. I’m tempted to try Soft Cherry…we shall see!

Thank you so much for reading: 💛✨

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