First Impression | Revolution Cut Crease Canvas

I’m finally grasping the concept that is a cut crease, and I’m all down for products to make my life easier with this process! So when I saw this I got a little excited because it is a specific base, designed for carving a crease in your eye. And having hooded eyes, I like how open cut creases make my eyes look! So I’m so down for this product! Plus this product is what, £6?! Bargain!

This product is basically a mix between a concealer and eye base. Like a very pigmented concealer! But designed more for the lid than Concealing blemishes. It only has four shades though, which is a little dire, but for your eyes, it’s a little more “okay” than face. But it would be nice to have a more inclusive shade range!

The formula is delightful. Super thick and creamy and paints on your eyes so effortlessly. I don’t use the applicator as I actually really don’t like it. It is coated way to much with product and even the stick where the brush is attached to gets so messy. So I use my own flat brush, which would be my Beauty Bay Shade Out brush, BhCosmetics 9 brush or my Morphe M421 brush. Those a great brushes for hooded eyes to carve out a cut crease. But the consistency of the Cut Crease Canvas is amazing! I would highly recommend it.

Once set it doesn’t crease, however if you are leaving it wet, it will crease, so I would recommend setting it, even with just a touch of translucent powder! I normally apply it with a bone shade similar to MAC Blanc Type, or whatever milky shade is in the palette I am currently using/reviewing! In the look below, I used my Morphe 35B palette and used the shade Chalk to set it! However in the picture, I didn’t set it just so you could get an up close picture of the consistency of it on its own!

With all of the eyeshadow palettes I have used, Zoeva a Offline Palette, Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes, Morphe 35B and 35M, Beauty Bay 42 Colour Palette “Berry” and LASplash Golden Gatsby Palette and this Base has worked with ALL of these. Be it shimmers, metallics or mattes, it works a treat. Whether you apply them with your fingers or a brush, again, it works! It is just a fool proof product! And at such an affordable price! So everyone can delve into the cut crease world!

The only down side to this product is there is a thin line between too much product and not enough. If you apply too much product, it will crease, even with powder over the top. This might just be because of my hooded eyes. But it is just something I have experienced. So hold back a little on the product, as you can pack on pigment with eyeshadow and not the base! I learnt that the hard way 🙈!

If you are intrigued with how to do a cut crease, I have a pictorial on my blog which I will link here. This is for hooded eyes, but can work on any eye shape. I just find it’s the easiest way for me, and my hooded eyes!

I hope you enjoyed this this blog post! I love this product and would highly recommend it to all of you guys!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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