First Impression | LAGirl Pro Contour Powder (+ Comparison to Smashbox Contour Palette)

I tried this today when I was doing my makeup! And I wanted to compare it to my Smashbox Contour Palette, which I really enjoy. So I thought I would give this a go! The price difference is insane, as I think this cost me £6!

The formula of this is lovely! It is matte, for both the highlight and the contour shade. I like that they are matte as I would use this powder to set my under eyes, while using the deeper one to hollow out my cheeks. They sit nicely on the skin! And they don’t cake up and exaggerate the texture under my eyes. They do kick up a bit of product in the pan! But it doesn’t bother me! When I first tried my Smashbox palette, I found it a little patchy so I decided to use it next time with a base of moisturiser. Which worked a treat for this too! So I didn’t find this patchy at all!

The packaging is compact and travel friendly too! Which is great in my suitcase of a makeup bag! You think I’m joking! And you get a great amount of product in this (5.6g); more than expected as the pans are deeper than I thought!

As you can see the tone is wonderful. I love how when purchasing the, they are all separated to fair with yellow undertones, fair with link undertones. I find that super helpful, so I went for the one with yellow undertones obviously. As you can see under my eyes don’t look overly textured and not in the slightest bit caked. It even reduced a bit of pore texture! The contour shade is nice and cool toned and very buildable! Which I really like! I went a bit ham this time, simply so you could see it on camera! But then if you do go a bit wild with it, you can blend it out with your setting powder and jobs a good’n!

All in all, I actually like this as much as my Smashbox Contour Palette. It doesn’t have a bronze shade, which I don’t use anyway, so it is more cost effective as I’m using the product up. So would I repurchase my Smashbox palette? No, not because it’s a bad product but because it is a lot more expensive. However am I enjoying using my Smashbox palette while I have it? Yes! But I do reeeeealllly enjoy this LA Girl Contour Kit! Super affordable, effortless application and beautiful finish.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think of these!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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