Product Wars | Glam Glow Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturiser VS No7 HydraLuminous Water Surge Gel Cream

These are becoming so popular! The creams that don’t feel thick and heavy but that are super nourishing and hydrating! It just makes moisturising less thick and gross feeling and settles into the skin a lot nicer than the old school Nivea White Creme I used to use! So I thought I would review these two, one is an old school favourite, another is a new product…that immediately made me think of the other! So let’s review!

I love the packaging of both. The blue is super aesthetically pleasing and gives you the feeling of calm! Which is just what I want for my skin ; I don’t want any irritation! The are super sleek feeling and both are about the same weight too. Both hold 50ml.

One different is the smell. The scent of the the Glam Glow one…ah…words can’t describe. It’s like a muted powdery bubblegum scent. But not super sickly or immature. Like really sophisticated and drinkable almost! I said almost! If i could bottle that scent or they made a perfume in this scent, I would wear it all day everyday. It is delightful! I have found that it doesn’t break me out either, and scent is something that breaks me out! The No7 one smells very clean and fresh, which is pleasant. It isn’t overly scented so if you are uber sensitive to scents then maybe opt for this one!

They both have exactly the same texture, like seriously. It is undetectable. If I closed my eyes I wouldn’t know the difference. Obviously Emily…one is bright blue DUH! They are both water gel based creams. And they almost turn more liquidy as you rub it in, almost turning into a serumy like feeling. When knowing which is which, I’d say the No7 develops slightly more liquidy when you rub it in, but that’s the only difference.

The way these make my skin feels….words can describe, but I’ll do my best. They start off feeling tacky, like they are developing a barrier on your skin of moisture and nourishment! Then they get drier and drier and both do soak into the skin. After an hour I can’t tell that I’ve used moisturiser, which I enjoy as I don’t like feeling sticky and gross. I like to feel hydrated but not to the touch! Both feel the same and make my skin feel great! I can’t tell the difference if I closed my eyes and did one on each side!

All in all, these are both fab creams! The only reason why I prefer my Glam Glow is the scent, it is a much more pleasurable experience for me applying it smelling all of that bubblegum goodness! It is lush! However if I ran out of it, and needed for fork out the £39 for it…in…I wouldn’t rush to, simply because the £14.99 (£10 currently in Boots for a limited time) works just as well! They are both beautiful creams!

I hope you enjoyed this comparison! Let me know what you think of these! I’ve recently tried the Glam Glow Volcanic Matte Moisturiser or whatever it’s called and really like how it feels; I’ve not felt anything like it!

Thank you so much for reading!

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