Full Review | Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipsticks

I’ll be completely honest here. The main person that got me into these lipsticks was the delight that is RawBeautyKristi! She uses Mocha-licious and I had to try it as it looked fantastic on her! But thought I’d pick up a couple other shades to see how they general formula performed! And I have to say, I was surprised!

The packaging is cheap. But these lipsticks are under £3, so really one can’t complain. But it is still travel friendly and the lids do stay on the product when you have it in your handbag which is super important. So usability, it’s fine. Only con I have with the packaging is the lids are quite sharp, so can cut the lipsticks when you are putting them back on after applying them. I do have a few chunks marked out of the lipsticks from this, but again, these lipsticks are £3! Can you really be that picky?!

The shades I picked up were Mocha-licious, Bare It All and In The Flesh. Mocha-licious is a great deeper warm brown, and looks very classic and sophisticated. Bare It All is the most perfect warm nude shade, which compliments any eye look! In The Flesh is a sweet rose shade, which really girlifies the look without competing with anything! I picked very neutral shades as those are the ones that I reach for the most!

The formula is lovely! Not matte, not shiny, like the perfect Satin consistency! They are exceptionally pigmented and boy, do these last! I can be wearing these shades, have my lunch which is usually a panini, and then damn, my lipstick is still on! They almost stain the lips, and even when it does wear off, it is very evenly and you don’t get patchy bits that make your lips look messy. They are very comfortable on the lips. Kind of thick but in a balmy, nourishing way, not in a thick crunchy matte kind of way. I really love the formula of these! And for £3! I’ve tried more expensive lipsticks and I don’t like the formula as much as I like these!

Another con of these. Is the bullet shape. They are very rounded which makes application a little difficult and not as easy as say a bullet shape. These are round and domed at the top so you can’t get a super sharp application. But you can go in with a lip liner first and just fill the lips with these. Or apply them with a brush. And did I mention these are £3?! And for the quality you get, these little things aren’t really much of a downer! I am simply stating these comments so you are aware before you purchase/apply!

All in all these lipsticks are lush! They have such an intense pigment, last super well and come in an immense shade range (did I mention that? These lipsticks have over 25 shades of pinks, plums, nudes and corals! You could get every colour you could possibly need without breaking the bank!). I would 100% recommend to any of you on a budget, but even those of you who just enjoy testing products! Be it expensive or cheap. Finding a bargain still gives you a buzz! And a bargain that actually works…even better!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know what your favourite shades of these lipsticks are!

Thank you for reading! 💛✨

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