Full Review | Eylure Emma Willis Eyelashes

I am really into eyelashes right now, especially Eylure ones. And when I saw these more natural ones, I thought these would be perfect for work, or for getting used to applying them and seeing myself with them on. I don’t wear them just because they make me look nicer, but I love to apply them and love how they polish a look off. So I wanted to give these a go as they get you used to wearing them.

I’m guessing the idea behind these are you apply the accents, and if you want a lil summit summit more, you can then apply the corners. But you can wear the corners on their own. Splitting up to process and making it easier. Which I’ll be honest, it really makes them easier, so long as the first pair are dry. As otherwise they get all clumped and sticky together so I would definitely recommend applying them when the accent are dry. I can’t wear the corners on their own except in the Insta-Belle set. Simply because they are too long to look natural as my natural lashes are so much shorter. That you can see when they stop and it doesn’t look cute. So I thought I would make it easier and apply them both together and review them, rather than separately, as they wouldn’t look great on me, and I want them to give them a fair chance!

They feel exceptionally comfy, if completely undetectable on the eyelids as they are so light and so the band is so thin. But it makes me just look like I have really good eyelashes, naturally (I really don’t!). I use my Duo Glue to apply these. And within 2 minutes they are ready for the first pair. Then give it another 2 minutes, and the other pair are ready to apply. And then I apply my Roller Lash mascara and the lashes are complete!

Insta-Belle – These are the most natural of the lash sets. And they are perfect for the newbie lash wearer! They just give you a little more length and volume, but still keeping the lashes looking like your own, but really well looked after! Super comfy, i even forgot to take them off before I cleansed my face and was like DAMMIT! I just didn’t feel them!

All The Aces – These are probably my favourite as they are the most intense and beautiful looking! While still only being an accent/corner lash combo! They also go really well with my own lashes in terms of lay out as mine are full in some areas and not so in other areas, so these really enhance my lashes! The focus will really be the flirtiness of these lashes, which I love!

Trix-a-lashious – These eyelashes are the longest eyelashes but they are very naturally spread out. They are not knotted to the band and are instead cross crossed so they look a lot more fanned out. The corner lashes are even longer than the accents, so if you wanted a more natural look, go for just the accents! The corners, I find, are just a little too long to wear on their own for me, so I do have to wear with my accents just because you can see the length differences with my own lashes!

All in all I really like these eyelashes! They are insanely natural and very easy to apply. I do like the corner lashes, but mainly use the accent lashes more as the corners do not go well with the length of my own lashes ; too much difference in them! Unless I pair them with the accents (see above pictures, they do work together very well!). I would buy these just for the accents as they are lovely and natural while still give you a bit of va va voom!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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