First Impression | Eylure FleurDeForce The Style Edit

So I’m really getting into false eyelashes right now! I think it was finally the realisation of my eyelashes being absolute trash…I’m kidding…but they are short, stubby and straight! And I want long, fluttery, sexy lashes!! So I am building up my collection and thought this would be a fantastic way to try some more, for a cheaper price. It cost me around £15 for 3 pairs of eyelashes! Plus I really rate Fleur as a Beauty Blogger! I trust her advice and have watched her for a long time. Plus her natural lashes are to die for, so I hoped these were modelled after her own eyelashes! Not made from her own eyelashes, that would be creepy!

The eyelashes are lovely quality! They are mixed into three styles. An accent style called “Fleur Loves”, a fluttery style called “Fully Fleur” and a voluminous style called “Fleur and Fabulous”. They are very comfy eyelashes, and each of them are extremely flattering in their own unique way.

I applied these eyelashes with my Duo Glue and do have to trim the full lashes, but not the accent lashes. I used my fingers to apply them, as I find I have more control than if I were to use tweezers or another device.

I am now going to go through each lash style, and discuss what I liked and didn’t like about them.

Fleur Loves – These Eyelashes are perfection and are the ones that got me into wearing eyelashes all together! They look like your lashes, but fluttery and longer! They are so natural! I love how they lashes cross over and fan out at the same time. The perfect eyelashes for a falsies newbie. With them being accents they are really easy to pop on too, just place them where you want the most volume and length and boom, done!

Fully Fleur – These eyelashes are probably my favourite in the set, they are spiked, but in a really natural way. They do have a very long band, so I did have to trim a fair bit off of this pair. But I then got a great customised lash look! They are super fluttery, the kind of eyelashes that you can bat to your momma when you want something! 😂 They are a great lash for someone that wants length, but not thickness and that do look a natural shape and layout, but nice and long!

Fleur And Fabulous – These eyelashes are super intense!! Not for the faint hearted! They are super thick and black. They are very straight, at least to me they were. They don’t curl up as much as I like. So wouldn’t repurchase these as the singles. However they are so thick and so dark that they certainly impact an eye look! I personally prefer a more curled and textured lash look!

All in all this is a great set. It cost me £15 and they are about £6 each singularly so you save around £3. Personally I wouldn’t repurchase the set because I am not the biggest loved of the Fleur and Fabulous set. However I have already repurchased the other two singularly as they impressed me so much!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you want more eyelash reviews! I’m getting really into them!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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