FULL REVIEW | LASplash “Golden Gatsby” Palette

I was scrolling through BeautyBay a few weeks ago, and this palette gave me all of the feels!!! The colour combinations are stunning, and the tones are neutral but poppy! So I had to pick up up so I could do a review! And just to try those foiled shades because DAMN the way they look are just gorgeous!

The packaging of this palette is adorable! It feels very luxe and I love the matte and metallic mix! I am a lover of rose gold so this really appeals to me. It is a thick cardboard packaging, and doesn’t feel cheap at all! It also has a lovely mirror in it which makes it fantastic to travel!

The formulas are very different depending on the eyeshadow. It comes with 10 shades, 4 Mattes, 2 Satin and 4 Foils. You have:

French 75 – Satin White with a hint of sparkle.

Mary Pickford – Satin Peach with a hint of sparkle.

Highball – Matte Camel.

Old Fashioned – Matte Chocolate Brown.

Mint Julep – Matte Deeo Chartreuse.

Hotsy- Total – Foil Champagne Pink.

Ritzy – Foil Gold.

Sheba – Foil Copper.

Zozzled – Foil Blackened Jade.

Speakeasy- Matte Black.

The Foil shades are super pigmented but do carry a fair bit of fall out. I find these are best applied with your finger rather than a brush with Fix+. The Satin shades are also very very pigmented and have a gorgeous subtle glitter to them, but not chunky, more subtle! The matte shades are very pigmented too. But they do fluff out a lot of fall out. And they are fairly difficult to blend. The adhere to certain areas and then not other. So you really have to pack the shade on first and THEN blend them. So that they are truly stuck to the lid and can then fluff them away. But they aren’t awful. And the colours are just gorgeous! I would say the hardest shade to blend is Mint Julep. However it’s not impossible. I just think it takes a little longer because they are so soft and buttery. However the Satin and Foil shades have no cons besides a bit of fall out. But that’s to be expected. They are simply gorgeous!

These are the looks I did with this palette!

Hotsy-Totsy, Mary Pickford, Mint Julep
French 75, Mint Julep, Speakeasy, Old Fashioned
HighBall, Sheba
Speakeasy, Zozzled
HighBall, Ritzy
Speakeasy, Old Fashioned, HighBall, French 75
Hotsy-Totsy, HighBall, Mary Pickford, Old Fashioned

As you can see you can create lots of different looks. But the mattes are quite difficult to use if your a beginner, just because you need to pack them one and then blend them rather than just blend them into the crease and that’s it. The foiled shades create such an impact on the lid! And they are so reflective! And they really are the winners of this palette!

All in all I do like this palette, it is just slightly more difficult to use than I expected! The colour schemes are beautiful and I love how it is almost grungy looking but you can also create super classic looks too! It has like an angelic side and then a slightly more gothic side to it! And I’m a lover of grunge looks so this suits me perfectly. Just be careful with the fall out, as there is a lot of it, but it doesn’t disrupt the use of it, just tap your brush before applying!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think of this palette!

Thanks so much for reading this post! 💛✨

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