Endometriosis | Update (Depo Provera Injection and Another Flare Up)

I thought I would update everyone with how my endometriosis is doing right now. And to be honest it’s pretty shit right now. I’m in pain most of the day, and even worse at night. I have been put on injections, had a recent gynaecology appointment and Buscopan is my friend right now. So I thought I would update how I’ve found all of these!

If you are curious about my diagnosis and my diagnostic laparoscopy then this is my Endometriosis story :


On the 18th December I had my first Depo Provera Injection also known as the contraceptive injection. It was recommended to my by my gynaecologist because it will eventually stop my periods, thus the endometriosis wont bleed either. It will also hopefully slow down the growth, and with stopping my periods, the pain will ease. I had my first period on the Depo, and it was longer and had more consistent cramping, but it was a lot, LOT lighter. It lasted around 10 days and the cramping stopped around day 5 and then I hardly noticed it. It was great! I had my next period in the January and again, lighter but more painful. But this one only lasted 7 days. February I was expecting my period, had really bad PMT and cramping but no period. The Depo was doing its job. I was pleased.

Actually having the injection is very easy. I did have to be double checked that it was okay since being diagnosed with a heart condition. But they said it was fine in the end thankfully! It is a little sting and then a twinge, not painful, but deep in my buttock muscle. And then for a couple of days you have a sore butt cheek, due to it going so deep into the muscle, but besides that it is very simple. I got very minimal symptoms for the majority of the month, just a bit of cramping when I was supposed to be on my period.

I had my gynaecology appointment on the 8th March. I have been struggling immensely with bladder symptoms, like needing to pee but I genuinely have to force and strain myself to pee. He said this was down to being so swollen in my pelvis, that it is constricting my urinaty tract. Delightful. So that is why it is a mission when I need to pee. (For any ladies struggling this, I have a few tricks. Rocking back and forth on the loo coaxes movement of urine down the tract. Putting the tap on can increase urgency making you pee quicker, especially if you’re desperate but can’t. Also gently massaging your stomach can help coax yourself to pee). He also said that it was good that the Depo had stopped my periods, but was a shame I was still in pain. But then stated, there isn’t much they can do for me, being so young. And that was a massive kick in the face. I wasn’t in great amounts of pain at that point anyway, but when I am, it’s awful. It is debilitating; then knowing very little can be done sucks massively.

Endo Belly, where you look 4 months pregnant for quite the opposite reason. So so painful!

I have another appointment scheduled for 4 months time (3 months now) and am currently going through a horrific flare up. Another thing my gynaecologist said was after the third injection, things should settle. But you can understand my hesitation. As the only thing that worked since my diagnosis was the removal of the endometriosis tissue. My flare up is correctly concentrated on my bladder and my lower left abdomen. I can actually feel my my ovaries pulsating. It’s horrible. Like palpitations but in my ovary. And peeing is becoming difficult and sometimes painful.

So that is where I am at at the moment. And it isn’t the greatest. I have had a better couple of days now that I’m taking Buscopan more frequently. But I certainly recognise when I need to take some more!

I hope you were interested in this post! I know a few of you also have endometriosis so I thought it would be important to do these updates! Even if they are shit!

Thank you for reading! 💛✨

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