First Impression | LA Girl Shockwave Neon Eyeliner

I bought these when I needed a pick me up and I very much wanted to try them as I loved the colours so I totally had to try them so I could give my 2 cents on them! They have a selection of 6 shades, a turquoise, mint, purple, yellow, green and black. I picked up the Mint (Fresh), Purple (Vivid) and Blackout (Black)

The packaging is amazing, I love how the colour of the eyeliner matches the outside of the pencil. And I think the typography on the eyeliner is very effective also. It is very travel friendly. But does require a sharpener so be sure to pack one with you!

The formula of these are fantastic. Super creamy. Like I barely have to touch the liner on my water line to get fill full pigment. They do not drag, hurt or pull at the eye when applying them. They can be smudged when you play with them before they dry, but once they dry, Girl they ain’t moving! And when I say that…they are difficult to remove! Especially that black! I use my GlamGlow Galacticleanse or Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser and I do have to rub at my eyes to remove. I had to triple cleanse and then apply a waterproof eye makeup remover as well to remove it!

I am now going to go through all of the eyeliner shades and discuss what I like about the colour and how I would wear it!

Fresh – This shade is a gorgeous cool mint shade! You could wear this with a liquid liner look and pop this in the waterline and it really brings something special to the look. You could even wear this on the inner third of the eye and apply an aqua eyeshadow over the top to set it and create a fun eyeshadow look. Pairing it with neutrals would also be really lush, maybe golds or coopers would work best as they are opposites on the colour wheel!

Vivid – This shade is almost a fuchsia magenta shade when applied on the waterline! It is very bright and works so well on green eyes as it is opposites on the colour wheel. The only problem with this is it can make your waterline look a bit pinks and bruisey so it wouldn’t be the most flattering on all eye colours. My mum for example has very dark brown eyes and a very pale complexion, and this shade would make her eyes look irritated rather than pop of colour. Which is such a shame as it’s a gorgeous colour.

Blackout – This is hands down, the best black eyeliner I have ever used! It stays put in my watery water line. When I say it is waterproof, this bitch is waterproof! I have to really scrub my face to get it off! It is the inkiest black too, and smudges so well if you go in there before it dries! It can create a really polished line, or it can create a fab smudgy grungy look! Smudging it into the waterlines also makes your lashes look fuller! Which is wonderful for me, who has very stubby thin eyelashes! It is just a fab black eyeliner! So much better than some of my higher end ones too! It is literally £5 and is the best! Trust me!

All in all I LOVE these eyeliners! They are fully pigmented, gorgeously creamy and last SO SO SO long! You do need to scrub them off at the end of the day, but for the longevity they have, I think it’s so worth it! You won’t regret buying these, and I genuine have never tried eyeliners so good!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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