Full Review | Jeffree Star Liquid Frost Review

I’m not usually a fan of the practicality of Liquid highlighters, but being a fan of Jeffree Star, I had to try them out! And now have a collection of them enough to have tested them out fully and to give my two cents about them!

The packaging is delightful. It was a twist cap, and a button controlled pipette! Super neat and hygienic! And you have a good amount of control with how much product you want to put on the back of your hand or on your brush.

The formula is really nice! Extremely pigmented, shiny and glittery. I like how glittery it is because I like an extreme highlight, so to me, it gives a little bit of something extra, it isn’t chunky glitter though, just a fine sprinkle! It is a liquid/gel consistency; not overly runny so it has a bit of structure when pumped out. But feels extremely lightweight on the face. It dries in a fair amount of time, around 2 minutes or so, and it dries to a Satin feel. Not overly matte or powdery, but isn’t sticky.

In order from left to right we have Ice Queen, Frostitute and Frostbite! Ice Queen is a gorgeous pink with a blue/silver reflect! Frostitute is a blue with a mint/gold reflect! And Frostbite is a light champagne gold. They have a fabulous selection of shades from deep bronzes, golds and some fabulous peach and blues too! Really well suited for all skin tones!

Ice Queen, Frostitute, Frostbite

The only con I found this this product was the difficulty of use. Applying it is absolutely fine but then working with other products over the top I found very tedious and laborious. You can see how it bunches and patches with other products. I used a powder contour and a powder blush, so it might work better with all cream products. I just find they don’t last as well, especially as I am very expressive with my face when I speak. And transfer is a nightmare!!

You can see if gives me a birthmark or side burn kind of appearance, which in my opinion, isn’t the cutest! I think this is because the liquid becomes a base for the powders and it then clings to highlight. Cream products might work well and then wearing powders over the top of those creams might work? I’m unsure, but I’m going to persevere because they are absolutely gorgeous!

All in all I really like these, despite the difficulties I have with them. And do reach for them consistently as the finish of them is so beautiful and blinding! I think these would be gorgeous for no makeup days for a bit of luminosity for that lil summit summit!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so. I hope for reading!

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