Full Review | Beauty Bay 42 Colour Palette “Berry”

I was very prepared and when I had my gynaecology appointment which I knew would be testing for me, I thought it would be best to order some goodies, so I had a little parcel to open when I was back. And this cheered me up massively. Just look at those colours! Gorgeous plums, sweet nudes and pops of pink and gold! Gorgeous!

The packaging is absolutely stunning! I love the holographic grid between the shadows, as it catches the light in so many wonderful ways. It feels super sturdy too, and not cheap feeling, even though for this entire palette it was around £20!! For 42 shades! I love the colour layout; you get a very cohesive selection but with random pops here and there that really attract your attention. Shades like Rustic Rose, Apollo and Struck Gold really jump out at me away from the shades that all go together.

The formula is delicious. The shimmers apply best, for me, with a stiff domed brush, flat shader brush or your fingers. They are super rich and soft too! And apply on the lid without any dragging. The pigmentation is sublime! The mattes are just stunning. They have a gorgeous butteriness to them! The blend out with such ease and are best applied with a fluffy brush. But to be honest, any brushes work well with these mattes.

My favourite shades of this palette are Cookie Dough, Rustic Rose, Cutie Pie, Damson and Slam Dunk. Cookie Dough is a gorgeous pinky nude that blends out so effortlessly and gives an look, a graduated transition! Rustic Rose is the most perfect coppery rose shade that works well all over the lid, or as a little pop! Cutie Pie is an adorable pastel pink/champagne which I love over a cut crease or in the inner corner! So brightening! Damson is the best mauve brown shade, the add depth or grunge to a look but without it being in your face as it does have a similar mauve tone to most of these shadows! Finally Slam Dunk, (which was slightly cracked in my palette due to the shades being so soft but I blew the cracked bit off and still have plenty of product to work with so I want too fussed) is a perfect deep purple with a hint of blue to it. It stands out so well, and works well for Eyeliner or a super smokey outer v/crease; such a statement!

Now I’m going to show you some looks that I created through this palette. I say some…there are quite a lot because I literally had 42 shades to play with!!

Slam Dunk, Damson, Cutie Pie, Frozen
Milky, Cookie Dough, Vintage Lace, Slam Dunk
Milky, Sandy Shores, Starstruck
Frozen, Cutie Pie, Glazed Raspberry, Dark Symphony
Vintage Lace, Vanity, Starstruck
Truthfully Taupe, Closing Time, Bronze Blast, Starstruck
Milky, Cappuccino, Full Roast
Apollo, Deluxe, Struck Gold
Cappuccino, Lumos, Chocolatta
Destiny, Preppy Pecan, Sandy Shores, Chestnut Charm
Lustre, Hazy Heather, Rustic Rose, Vintage Lace, Damson, Cashmere
Laid Bare, Jubilee, Mood, Frozen

All in all I think this palette is super versatile! Gorgeous colour selection and all exceptionally cohesive. You can create so many different looks be it super sexy and sultry, vintage looking, editorial or simple and natural. They are super soft eyeshadows, so be careful as you can crack and disrupt them quite easily, so gentle gentle! But I love all of these eyeshadows! And for the price you really can’t complain!

I hope you enjoyed this review! I would highly recommend Beauty Bay eyeshadows! I really want to try the nude ones next! So I might get a 9 or 12 palette! We shall see!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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