Life update

Due to personal reasons I will no longer be a tattooist. It was a very hard decision and not one taken lightly. But the negative side of this job caused me to break down. Things like messages at 3am from clients, demanding their design for 2 weeks later, when I’m still making my way through my current weeks drawings. Taxes. Need I say more? The fact I don’t get any time to do the things I love; running, seeing my boyfriend, travelling, volunteering on the farm etc. I haven’t been on holiday for 2 years because I can’t justify the time off because if I’m not in work, I don’t get paid. People glorify being a tattooist, but in actual fact there is very little glory. It is HARD work. And it is something I can no longer cope with.

But there is another reason…inspiration if you will. This December I got extremely poorly with glandular fever. And was hospitalised for 4 nights. During that time I was diagnosed with an enlarged, almost bursting spleen and hepatitis E from the glandular fever. All back to normal now, and cured. Then I was diagnosed with a heart murmur. And that is currently under investigation, I actually have my results of my echo this week! But I also suffer from endometriosis and severe anxiety, which causes me to hear voices and hallucinate from time to time. And the care I have had for all of those reasons have been amazing. Psychologists are thorough and caring. Specialists are sympathetic but professional when discussing my options. And the nurses were so comforting when I was so poorly. I was so inspired, I want to be like that. I want to be a nurse. Like REALLY want to be a nurse. I have always had the desire to heal and help people. And being a nurse is finally the clarity I have been searching for.

I am going to college to study Health Sciences this September. And after that…it’s a nursing degree. I’m so freaking excited, and a little frightened. I cannot WAIT! It will be difficult to get back into a school environment again as it has been a while, but it will be so amazing to do something so rewarding. And I have the motivation and intelligence to succeed at a high level. I did very well in school despite being poorly with my anxiety due to bullying. So I have that on my side.

I am getting a regular shop or cleaning job for now, until my course starts. Then doing that part time while I study. But I shall still be blogging and try my best to post everyday still! But if not…you know why 😅

Thank you to everyone for being so supportive. My parents said follow your dreams, my boyfriend told me to do what makes me happy, my bosses said I’ll do a great job and they will give me a glowing reference and my clients wished me well on this adventure. I’m so excited for this next chapter in my life!

Thank you for reading! 💛✨

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