Full Review | Essence Lash Princess Mascaras

While I was in Whitehaven, I didn’t think I was going to be picking up any makeup. But low and behold, I picked up some bits, and these were some of them! We went into Wilkos which is one of the only places I have seen the brand Essence in the U!! So I was so excited to try this mascara as I’ve heard amazing things!

First of all the packaging is delightful! It was a cute heart crown in the corresponding colour of the type of mascara you have bought, be it the volume or false lash effect etc. But then at the back of the lid, you have a cute corset design too. Which looks very Victorian and cute! I love the colour choices too, super girly and pastel. But the mascara inside is black.

Volume Mascara – This Mascara definitely makes your lashes look thicker however with that it gives you the impression that you have less eyelashes. It has a curved brush, but it has most of the product in the centre, so it does create a fairly clumpy appearance, and not in a cute way! It also makes them look shorter, as you have less eyelashes it makes them look less long and fluttery. This would be a great mascara to merge your lashes with your false lashes, as it thickens them and will adhere to the falsies really well! And the mascara-ed lashes are less visible due to the falsies!

Sculpted Volume – This Mascara is both separating and volumising! You are given fluttery eyelashes, that do look thicker, but dissimilar to the previous mascara as it doesn’t merge lashes together as much! It is also amazing for the lower lashes, due to the curved brush, it grabs them so well, and coats them! It grabs every single little eyelash too! There won’t be one that’s missed out! Really great mascara!

False Lash Effect – This Mascara is my my favourite! It makes your eyelashes look so long and fluttery. Provides volume without clumpyness. The straight but tapered brush means you can control coating your eyelashes a lot more, as you know exactly where it’s going. It grabs even the baby lashes, and the lower lashes are evenly coated too! It is a great stand alone mascara, but can certainly be worn for false lash adherence too! I find that this mascara fans your lashes out too, and yes, gives you a false eyelash effect? The kind that are really textured but natural! Just enhancing your natural lashes! It is such an amazing mascara! And it is around £3!

Out of all of them the False Lash Effect, would be the one I would pick over and over again! And I’m so happy with finding this item, as it is literally around £3! Bargain! So if you are looking to try just one of them out, go for the green one! The others are great, but for different purposes and they just don’t have as much of the wow factor in my appearance. But due to my short and stubby lashes, I don’t normally go for volume. I much prefer length and separation! So if you have naturally fantastic lashes and just want to volumise them, then the others will work great for you too!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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