Collection Review | Zoeva Melody Eyeshadow Palette and Lipglosses

I’ve been looking at a lot of collections recently and feeling very uninspired. Then this came out. That purple in the palette and those gorgeous glosses!? I just had to pick them up! They are just stunning! So I thought I would give my two cents on this collection and tell you if any of these are worth the purchase!

This Collection is called the Melody Collection, inspired by butterflies. Which includes an eyeshadow palette and 5 lip glosses.

The Palette

Gowns Swirling – matte off white with pink glitter

Airy Dalliance – peach/pink shimmer

Gentle Clasp – violet shimmer with pink reflects

Cocoon of Doubt – cool toned gold

Fly Solo – medium brown matte

From Heaven – beige with silver/blue reflects

Whirled Above – matte warm brown

Crystal Wings – bronze with green duochrome

Soul Unheld – antique gold shimmer

About To Leave – deep chocolate matte

The packaging is stunning, with beautiful holographic moth/butterfly decals on the lid. It doesn’t have a mirror, like most of the Zoeva palettes. However I usually have one on me so it was not big deal! The formula is delightful. They apply very well with your fingers or a brush. The mattes are smooth and the shimmers, although giving off a lot of fall out, are very creamy and soft. They glide on the eyes effortlessly! The only problem I had was the purple shade, Gentle Clasp and the peach shade, Airy Dalliance did crumble quite significantly, and did look patchy when applied together. I don’t know whether that was because they are the two softest shadows in the palette, and together, the pigment flys off and leaves the glitter. But when applied on their own they worked lovely! These following looks are what I came up with!

Gowns Swirling, Whirled Fly Solo, Cocoon of Doubt, About to Leave
Fly Solo, About To Leave, Soul Unheld
Gentle Clasp, Airy Dalliance, Whirled Above
From Heaven, Fly Solo, About to Leave
Airy Dalliance, Whirled Above, Gowns Swirling, About To Leave

The Lipglosses

Fly Away – champagne with purple/pink reflects

Radiant Flight – creamy champagne with silver glitter

Spread Your Wings – gold with bronze/green reflects

Become A Butterfly – peach with gold glitter

Join The Dance – deep rose/rust nude with shimmer

The packaging is extremely travel friendly, and very lightweight. You can see the colour of the lipgloss through the packaging. It has a cohesive gold lid, that goes with the palette, and holographic writing, again going with the palette. The formula is delicious!!! It has a tack to it that makes you feel like you have a layer of nourishment on your lips but it is NOT sticky! It is a sheer, shimmery formula that would be beautiful on its own for a juicy lip or perfect to enhance a lipstick/lip liner/liquid lip. I love how subtle the colour is but the glitter is so striking and flattering! My favourite shade is Spread Your Wings. It looks so unwearable! But it goes on ALMOST clear with the most unique green/gold glitter! It is so unique! All of these lip glosses are just lovely! I would highly recommend.

Radiant Flight
Join The Dance
Become A Butterfly
Fly Away
Spread Your Wings

I would recommend this collection to EVERYONE! It is probably one of the best palettes I have used from Zoeva! It is fun to use, beautiful colour range to any unique looks however all very cohesive so they all go well together! The lip glosses are a delightful texture and finish. All in all, I’m very impressed!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. These collection reviews are probably one of my favourite posts to write!

Thank you so much for reading!

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