First Impression | NYX Lip Liners

One thing I have never delved into the world of are lip liners. Besides a plum one when I was 15 and thinking I was edgy. But I really haven’t perused the idea of using them to enhance lipsticks appearance. So I thought why not, let’s do it! And bought a variety of shades to see how these apply!

NYX have always been a solid brand for me. Especially for lip products. I love their Candy Slick lipglosses, the Lingerie Liquid Lips, Liquid Suedes and their Matte Lipsticks. They just stand out in quality but without breaking the bank! So when I knew I wanted to try lip liners, I knew it had to be NYX as they really do me wrong in the world of lip products!

These have a lovely formulas. They are very easy to build and feel comfortable but matte. They come in a variety of shades, and are £3.50. They are a pencil formula, not retractable, so do require a sharpener! However, that isn’t a down side for me, as I find you get more product in a standard pencil than retractable! You can get lovely crisp edges to make your lip line like exaggerated, fuller or simply enhanced and sharper. They do last very well. To the point where I had my lunch, and the lipstick I applied over the top wore away, but the lip liner had produced a lovely stain that looked natural and lovely.

I’m now going to go into depth on the particular shades I purchased and then discuss what lipsticks would work well to go with this lip liner, should you want to overlay it with something less matte, or simply saturate the colour more.

Nude Beige – A lovely neutral stone colour, which makes for a perfect nude! Doesn’t look overly fussy, will not compete with any dramatic eye look and would suit a variety of undertones (golden, olive, yellow, pink) do to its own neutral undertone. The lipsticks I found worked well with this are MAC Jubilee and No7 Caramel Silk. At least from my collection!

Peekaboo Neutral – This is a perfect peachy nude shade, suitable especially for warmer skin tones. It has brightening properties for your complexion, due to its warmth, and can be worn with multiple different eye looks. Warm looks though, would compliment it best, however a cool toned Taupe look would still look great with this shade. The lipsticks I found suits this to put on over the top are NYX Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar, MAC Peach Blossom or Fanfare and No7 Tawny Rose.

Mahogany – This is a super classic, brown/red nude. It gives off 1920s vibes. Due to its neutral tone it could be worn with a super smokey sultry look or can be worn with a flick of eyeliner. The darkness may compete with something darker on the eyes, however due to it being a brown/nude, the colour wouldn’t compete. I found the most perfect lipsticks to wear over the top of this are Wet n Wild Mocha-licious and MAC Verve and Creme In Your Coffee!

All in all they are fantastic lip liners to introduce someone into their world! They are easy to use and can give you great control due to their buildable texture. They aren’t too creamy, so will last fantastically. And they have a fantastic colour range, suitable for everyone! Highly recommend!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you for reading 💛✨


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