Full Review | Eylure Enchanted “The Lash Edit” False Eyelash Set

I’m so obsessed with eyelashes right now! They give so much to a look and make me feel so pretty! Which is a rarity! I saw these in Boots and not gonna lie, I loved the look of the packaging and then saw how fluttery they lashes looked and got super excited. They were around the £15 mark. And they were super pretty! I had to!

The eyelashes immediately attracted my attention due to their natural spacing and beautiful fluttery appearance! And I love a bargain, so saving around £4 was very appealing!

They have a lovely texture to them, very light weight and comfortable to wear. The middle pair were very long so I had to trim the edges so I could fit them on my eye. But the other two were perfectly sized! I apply them with my usual Duo glue and apply them with my fingers, as I feel I have more control over them. And that works well for me and I would recommend that method and the adhesive if you’re a beginner.

I’m now going to go through each eyelash and discuss the likes and dislikes!

Bloomin’ Lovely – These are the shortest most natural eyelashes! They would be perfect if you have a very detailed eye look that you want shown, so the lashes don’t hide or detract from the look. They would also work very well for a natural lash to wear everyday, that gives you a bit of volume! Very comfortable; almost undetectable!

Oops-A-Daisy – These were probably the most out there eyelashes! The fanned out appearance and immense length make them not the most wearable for everyday circumstances! However I still wore them like that…I don’t play by the rules! Haha! I can definitely feel them on my eyelid but they aren’t uncomfortable. And they certainly provide added glamour to any look!

Flower Power – These are my favourite eyelashes. They are fuller than the others but not too long or dramatic. They have multiple lengths fanned out and placed next to each other which gives them a natural look; nothing too uniformed or perfect. They are very full and black, which I love and just make me look like I have fantastic eyelashes (which we know isn’t the case!).

All in all I really love these eyelashes. They are so beautiful and really enhance any eye look! They are stunning, and I would highly recommend them if you can get your hands on them!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛


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