First Impression | No7 Instant Results Hydrogel Eye Masks

It is hay fever season. Which is notorious for dry but weepy eyes. Which means they get dry and flakey because there are always watering and then get quite sore. They also become very dark, red and dull looking. Which isn’t the most attractive on me! So when I saw these in my skincare drawer when I was suffering, I had to get them out.

You get 5 packs in a box and it is around the £16 mark. So that works out at £3.20 a patch, which I think is fairly priced. They come in a little packet that you peel off, spend it has a nourishing product in side the packet and you can take the patch out of the packet with ease.

Once on the eye they feel really nice! Very nourishing but also it feels like it’s doing something. I have very dull skin due to having dehydrated skin, so this is also the case under my eyes. And I feel like it is adding a layer of luminosity under my eyes, which is fab!

They feel so cool, and very comfortable. I applied mine, and then left them on for around 15 minutes. They stay put while on the skin too, so you aren’t going to have it fall into your coffee when you have them on.

As I have dry skin I decided to try one of them with added nourishment. I applied my Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm and then applied the patch and I found not only did it brighten my under eyes but it also made them super supple and moisturised.

I really like these, and would highly recommend them! I have given a pack to my mum and a pack to my sister. Because I felt like they needed to try them!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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