Full Review | Jeffree Star Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette

The MINUTE I saw this palette I knew I had to have it. Navy blue works really well with my complexion and looks very striking with my green eyes, and I was desperate to try Celebrity Skin and the Mintea! Plus all of the shades are so cohesive and I have nothing else like it in my collection! I had to have it!

The packaging isn’t just great. It is beyond any their packaging any other palette I have is like. It’s so gorgeous, and is inspired by a coffin or ornate jewellery box! Which it captures completely! It looks gorgeous just for decoration, let alone using it! It is stunning! You are given 18 shades or perfection, which works out under £3 per eyeshadow, which is an absolute bargain considering the quality you get from Jeffree Star products!

The formulas of these are lovely! Super buttery and super smooth in texture! And when applied on the lid they are giving full pigment but with an effortless blend! My favourite shades that I frequently reached for were Celebrity Skin, Blue Blood, Mintea, Blue Monday and Flourishing! They are all matte, but the formula is just divine! When I say smooth and silky I mean it with my whole heart! The shimmers are lovely, especially Cullinan and Entitled!

The only shades I had a bit of trouble were Deceased and Ocean Ice. Deceased I thought would be reminiscent of Blood Sugar from the Blood Sugar palette due to its velvet appearance, and Blood Sugar was the most pigmented eyeshadow in that palette. However in this it was sheer, hardly pressed and lack lustre. It blended out nicely, but not like I expected, or saw in the pan! Ocean Ice is lovely, with Fix+ is applies gorgeously and effortlessly, but I found it stained my eyelids a red/pink colour. It wasn’t sore or painful, it just looked very raw. Felt fine though. But I just thought that was a bit odd! So I’ve taken a photo of it.

I’m now going to go through all of the looks I created with this look so far! It is a fairly versatile palette and you can create very subtle looks with little pops, or you can go full on editorial with all the bright blues! Just would steer clear from this palette if you hate blue eyeshadow!

Wealthy, Celebrity Skin, Power, Undertaker
Crystal Flesh, Flourishing, Mintea
Cullinan, Celebrity Skin, Priceless
Untouchable, Cremated, Undertaker, Blue Blood
Celebrity Skin, Wealthy, Entitled, I’m Cold
Blue Monday, Wealthy, Cullinan
Priceless, Blue Blood, Deceased, I’m Cold

Wealthy, Celebrity Skin, Ocean Ice, Blue Monday, Blue Blood

Flourishing, Entitled, Cremated, Cullinan
Power, Ice Tray, Cullinan, Undertaker

All in all I absolutely love this palette. Is blue normally wearable. No. But can you make it wearable? Yes! Absolutely! The shadows have incredible pay off (besides Deceased, but that might just be my palette!). They are smooth, buttery and delicious! But don’t eat them, that would be bad! If you love Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and the quality, you will love this palette. If you don’t support him, he’ll you’ll still think this palette is a great quality! It is undeniably good!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨


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