First Impression | INCredible Glittergasm Lip Glosses

I am a magpie and absolutely love anything super sparkly and beautiful. So when I saw these my jaw dropped and they looked like everything I could possibly want in a lipgloss. So I bought I would do a first impression of these for you to see if they are worth your pennies!

The packaging is gorgeous. Very sleek and travel friendly. And the tube is actually clear, so that glittery goodness you see, that is the actual lip gloss! How insane is that!

These lipglosses are a thin gel like consistency. With a lot of glitter in there. Now what you are all wondering, can you feel the glitter. And the answer is yes, it does feel slightly gritty on the lips but once you pat your lips on a bit of tissue you can hardly feel it and you get a lovely wash of glitter. They are beautiful! Very intense and not a natural gloss in the slightest. But come on, do I ever do subtle? The colour in there s very sheer, I.e. you don’t get a reddy orange tint when using Cup Of Hot, nor do you get a pink tint when you apply Who You Staring At. The applicator is a jelly/plastic paddle. Which is very unique. And works very well with application.

As you can see there is very little colour difference. And the glitters in all of the lipglosses are holographic, which is gorgeous. But are these the most wearable? No. Do I care? Also no. They feel so nice on the lips ONCE BLOTTED. They feel super gritty before you blot, but once you press that glitter into your lips, it feels far more comfortable. Did I need to purchase all 3? No, because they are all so similar, but I wanted to review them all for you, but save your pennies. Get your favourite. I think my favourite is Who You Staring At, simply because the pink packaging looks the prettiest. Not because the shade is nicer; they are basically the same. But I think aesthetically, the lip gloss tube looks cutest.

Did I mention these are like Β£8 each? For such a unique product; never have I ever seen so much glitter in a lipgloss. Lives up to the name Glittergasm! They are super pretty. Plus I think you can make them more wearable if you dab some in the centre. Or even use them on your cheeks, for a festival look!

All in all I do like them a lot. Do I get a lot of use out of them? No. Did I need all of them? Also no. Do I still like to just stare at them and apply them in the comfort of my bedroom? Yes yes yes! I’d recommend picking one up just because I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. And like I said, dab a bit in the centre, super wearable!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! πŸ’›βœ¨

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