Full Review | Pixi Glow O2 Oxygen Mask

Oh I love a good mask. And I love anything quirky and cool; that fills me with immense joy. So my sister aka Skincare Goddess, told me about this mask, how it works and it’s concept. And I was blown away. Literally, my jaw was on the floor. Sounds a bit over the top for a mask, I know, I need to get a life. But SERIOUSLY! Keep reading!

So the directions of use are as followed. Apply to a clean face, smooth gel over face avoiding the eye area. Wait for 2/3 minutes, and rinse off. Use one weekly or as required. These instructions do not even give you an inkling of the magic that is about to happen. Okay so you pump it on the back of your hand, looks like a normal gel mask. I apply it with a flat foundation brush and then fizz, pop, fizz. It starts to bubble on your face, like really lightly it starts to foam! It is literally reacting with the oxygen on your skin and in the air to cleanse your face, plump it and draw out impurities. It is literally science happening on your face! How can you not resist?

Looooooook!!! Isn’t that amazing. And it feels so nice on the skin! It leaves a tackiness of moisture on your face and it feels rejuvenated and purified. I feel like my pores have been emptied, my fine lines have been tightened and my dullness has been brightened! It is such a lovely mask! It is fairly pricey though, around £26, but you don’t need much when you apply this to get the reaction. You get 50ml of product and a handy pump so you don’t over use the product. And it takes literally 5 minutes from application to fresh rejuvenated face!

I can’t get enough of this mask and really enjoy using it! It really does wonders for you skin and you can’t actually feel it working! Which I really enjoy. Pixi products never fail to impress me so they really are worth the investment! I haven’t been able to dupe any of the products, for the quality you get. Yes there are similar “Rose moisturisers” and “glycolic toners” but nothing ever feels like how they do! And this mask, I have literally not been able to find anything else that works the same and its cheaper. And I can’t begin to describe how lovely it makes me skin feel!

All in all yes I recommend this, probably one if my favourite masks to use! You nee it in your life!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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