My Shopping List Of Products I Want (Need) | May 2019

Currently I am without a proper job. I do some commissions here and there, but I don’t actually have a paid job right now. So that means makeup shopping has come to a halt. So I am writing lists of future products I want to purchase and thought I would share with you what is on my list! Kind of like an Anticipated Haul for when I actually have a job again! I have applied for over 100 and had a few interviews so we shall see! But anyway onto the post!

BH Cosmetics – Weekend Festival Brush Set – £22 – I already have the palette, and I want to upgrade from a standard review to a collection review. Plus have you seen these brushes!? They are pink, the hairs are gorgeous and look so fluffy. All the shapes are very useful! And would make the perfect addition to my brush collection. Plus the quality of BH Cosmetics brushes are impeccable. And the price is so small, for what you get.

Glow Recipe – Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask – £40 – Yas, this shit is expensive, but holy moly it is beautiful! I love a mask, and the fact you pop this on and then literally go to sleep while this works it’s magic appeals to me so much! I have seen so many reviews of this and everyone loves it. I need all the glow I can get, due to my dull dehydrated complexion. It is also supposed to be super hydrating, sorry, “softening”, which I really need! So yes…I’m obsessed, and I need this!

Morphe – 35K Good Karma Artistry Palette – £23 – I have really gotten into cool tones recently, and I love the silvers and greys in this palette. I think a neutral brown palette is so useful, especially with the quality you get from Morphe! There is a lovely mix of shimmers and mattes! Pale and deep. Ugh, I just really want this! I have nothing like this in my collection, I actually have the 35W, and think having this would be the last Morphe palette I need, and then I’ll have every palette I’d need. For now…until the release new ones.

Caudalie – Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence – £30 – You use this product like you would a toner. But it is so much more than a standard toner. I got a sample of this and I loved it. So I already know this works for my skin! And girl, I need the full size! It smells DIVINE! Like seriously, it smells like herbs, but in a really soothing beautiful way! It is delicious! So this has been in my dream basket for a long time!

MAC – Lip Glass (Nymphette, Oyster Girl and Beaux) – £15.50 – I have really gotten into lipglosses. And as I have very short hair, I don’t have the issue of them sticking. So I actually quite like a sticky gloss as it feels so nourishing on my dry gloss. And I’ve heard these are incredible glosses. And Nyphette has been on my list for AGES. And when I was last in a MAC store I swatched loads and found the other two from that and they were gorgeous. And I’d love to do a full review on these babies! So I am desperate to try these for real!

And those are the current products I’m dying to try! And the minute I actually get a wage again, imma get these babies! Not all at once, obviously. Although if I win the lottery then yes, and then some more.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I really enjoyed writing these and I’ll definitely write some more of these!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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