Top 5 | Foundations

I’m starting a new series, Top 5. Very simple. I’ll tell you the Top 5 products in a certain genre, and give you the reasons why these are my top products.

Foundation. The ability to cover all imperfections and make you look photoshopped. Or it can turn you into a cakey mess. The latter does not happen with these for me. I have dry dehydrated skin. But a very elaborate skincare routine to help manage that. And I find these foundations look the best on my skin, and I enjoy using them so much.

On a day to day basis, I am getting back into wearing foundation rather than just a little bit of concealer. I like how I get a more flawless finish, and with these they look photoshopped and last so well. Almost undetectable, just looks like I have great skin (I don’t!).

What makes my perfect foundation? Full coverage, as I have freckles and blemish scarring and I love the flawless finish you get with full coverage. Lightweight. I don’t like feeling like I have a mask on my face. Yellow undertone but pale. Satin finish, I don’t like an overly dewy finish as I feel it would slip and slide on my face. But I don’t like overly matte dry skin. And finally longevity. I get a tad oily around my nose and forehead, but I have flakey dry skin on those areas too, so I like to know it will stay out, and not attach to my flakey skin. And these do not do that.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation (Very Fair 1.0N) – This Foundation is amazing. It has a very nourishing texture, perfect for my dry skin however the coverage is phenomenal. It covers all of my freckles. And I hardly need any concealer afterwards! Just a brightening one under my eyes. It has a very neutral undertone, slightly leaning yellow. It has SPF 15, amazing! It has a semi matte finish, or satin finish as I like to describe it. And it is £5.90!! Bargain!!

itCosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream (Fair) – I love how this product has skincare benefits, and is supposedly a moisturiser, primer and foundation. Which is amazing, for if you are in a rush. The shade range isn’t great, but I find Fair for me works well due to its neutral undertone. It is very full coverage, thick texture but lightweight on the skin, how they do that I don’t know! It covers everything. But feels lovely on the skin. I do set this with powder due to its slightly dewier finish. It is also SPF50!! Which is incredible!

Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation (140) – The first thing I need to mention is the shade range. Over 40 shades! And all various undertones and the women in Harvey Nicholls were so helpful will finding my shade. I have yellow undertones but I’m very fair and they found my perfect shade. It is a soft matte finish, which I love! It glides smoothly on the skin and dries down to the matte finish. It isn’t matte to begin with, which I like as it makes application easier. It is such a natural full coverage too. It just makes your skin look amazing!

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (Gobi) – If I had to choose my all time favourite foundation this would be it. This shade is the most perfect match for me. Pale with yellow undertones. It is full coverage and dries down to a demi-matte/satin finish. It covers everything, and if I don’t know what foundation to wear but I know I want to look flawless, this is what I go through. I’ve bought 2 bottles of this so far, and I need to purchase another now too. It is the most flawless foundation ever.

Revolution Conceal and Define Full Coverage Foundation (F2) – This is probably my favourite affordable foundation. It creates such a skin like finish, but a perfected skin like finish. Very full coverage but lightweight feeling. It has a large doe foot for easy application. However that does require a clean face to keep it sanitary. Which I do anyway, so it’s dead easy. I do need to powder this but I really enjoy that, as it is a very natural skin like finish where powder does not disrupt this. It lasts so well too, probably the best of the bunch. Could be due to the powder, but even on my cheeks where I don’t apply powder, I still have product left on my face! Plus it’s under £10!

I recommend ALL of these foundations if you have a dry/dehydrated complexion when you like a natural matte finish! These are fantastic foundations and for how wonderful these are, they are worth the money! Even thought some of them are super cheap, you are not getting a cheap product, you are getting a very quality product!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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