Lyric Inspired Makeup #1| Poison Prince by Amy MacDonald

I have new series I was inspired to do. I was listening to a song, Poison Prince By Amy MacDonald and I thought, I see deep purple, rocker makeup. I see the kind of makeup you’d wear to your exes funeral (said Jeffree Star), i.e. BADASS HOT AF! With a rocker vibe. So I thought, instead of doing the actual makeup look the artist wears in the music video, what about makeup that this song inspires you to wear! So this is the series! And I hope you enjoy it! Any song recommendations, leave a comment!

Whenever I think of Poison I think of dark purples or dark greens. Skulls. Gothic smoke. And the idea of a Poison Prince gives me a bit of glamour while still looking smokey and gothic, you know, a bit of a gothic regal vibe. So I came up with this look which was inspired by this song. If you want to listen to it, here’s the link. It’s such a good song. My aunt showed it me when I was in Berlin after a horrid break up!

I started the look with a primer, this time I used MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot. I then went into MAC Prism Blush, but you can use any neutral honey blush or even a bronzer could work. I blended it into my crease and out slightly into a cat eye shape. I then went into the Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Taboo, which is a dark matte purple. And blended that into the crease and in my inner third of the eye. I also ran this under my lash line to create a super grunge rocker look. Then I cut my crease as a halo eye using the Revolution Cut Crease Canvas and the Beauty Bay Shade Out brush. Then for the regal but, I applied NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow In Lunar over the blank Halo Eye bit, I then lined my upper lash line with my No7 Carbon Matte eyeshadow and my Jessup Wing Liner brush. I also applied this on the lower lash line for a super smokey look. I then went i with my LA Girl Shock Wave Neon Liner In Blackout and tightlined me upper and lower lash line. I then applied the Eylure Camille Enchanted Accent Lashes and some mascara. This time I used Essence Lash Princess in Sculpted Volume Black. And the look is complete.

I hope you like the idea of this series! I think it’s super fun, and like I said, leave song requests!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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