First Impression | Garnier Ultimate Blends Nourishing Hair Food (Banana and Shea)

Now I know what you are thinking. How on earth can I tell you about good hair products, with how little hair I have! But I think there is so little info on good products for us people who have really short hair, with no length. As we literally go from root to top in a few centimetres! So I thought I’d give some a go! And I was browsing through Boots and saw the yellow (its my favourite colour) and I was just told I got the job I applied for a couple weeks ago. Then I saw banana. And I was like, yep, I need a treat! And this was inexpensive so picked it up!

This smells HEAVENLY! If you’re from the UK then you know we have some sweets called Foam Bananas and they smell like a really intensely sweet and creamy banana smell. And that’s exactly how it smells, like a mix of sweets and banana. If you don’t like bananas you will hate this. (My sister would gag at this, she hates bananas!).

I applied this in the three ways as described and found my favourite method was as a conditioner and a mask. The conditioner left my hair feeling so soft and kept it feeling lightweight which I really liked as I have quit thick hair and a lot of it in such a short hair style. The mask was lovely as it left like a layer of moisture over my hair leaving it so soft and fluffy feeling! But didn’t leave it looking greasy at all. Which sometimes if I use some conditioners and masks, it can make my roots like too shiny. Only problem I found with this was that I wasn’t too fond of it as a “leave in” product as it made my hair look claggy and greasy, which is odd as I actually have naturally thick and dry hair. But this could be due to my short hair, and if you had longer hair, it would probably work a lot better as you could put it on just the length of your hair and leave the roots and scalp bare.

One way, however, I quite like using it as is a hair touch up cream, kind of like adding definition to your hair layers, like you would a gel or a cream. Which really works well. This (above) is the look I got when I wore it as a mask in the shower and then a teeny amount on my finger tips when styling my hair and it just enhances the choppy look of my layers which I really like! It also keeps the fly always at bay a lot more!

All in all I love this hair mask! It is to die for both in smell and application. And I can’t begin to describe how soft my hair feels after using this! I use it liberally, probably around 2×2 inches in my palm for my hair. That sounded awfully specific but I couldn’t find anything off the top of my head to size reference! I don’t sit there in the shower with a ruler, promise! It is all approximate 😂. Gorgeous mask and genuinely feels nourishing and moisturising for my naturally dry hair!

I had also noticed my boyfriend, when he was round mine, also loves this mask. He has a similar hair type to me. Quite dry. He is also the biggest banana fan you have ever met. So I noticed some hefty finger prints (bless, he couldn’t resist) in this when I went to applied some myself. So it’s an A+ from him too!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! And let me know if you’d like to know more “pixie cut” friendly hair care products!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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