Collection Review | Obsession X Belle Jorden Palette and Lip Set

I have followed Belle Jorden, mainly because I followed her husband on social media as he is a tattoo artist, and I used to be a tattoo artist too. And discovered her out of coincidence and fell in love with her content as she loves a grungy makeup look. Just like me.

And when I saw this collection I thought a) that’s super pretty, b) these are so my colours and c) I need this in my life! The palette is so versatile, with everything you could possibly need from a white, black and everything in between! Just gorgeous! And I am a lovely of all things warm toned. I feel like this palette is the dream “fo green eyes” palette, as it’s all the colours I normally wear when I am trying to make the green in my eyes pop! And the lip trio is super wearable and beautiful too! And I had tried much from Obsession, so felt like I needed to give this brand a go. So picked the two components of the collection up.

So I love packaging and actually know of the artist that designed the logo, so that was super cool how it has connected my old tattooist life, to my makeup loving side! It is super sleek and travel friendly, however the pale colour will get and has gotten very dirty, very quickly!

The shadows are insanely pigmented! And blend a dream. I have actually not used a palette with this kind of consistent pigmentation in a while! So impressive! Every shade feels so buttery and creamy! The mattes are smooth, she shimmers are thick and gel like feeling, however remaining a powder. It’s so odd! But a really good odd! My favourite shades in this palette are Pops, Queen and 1706. I found I used those the most! However So Cute and Hot Sauce are also gorgeous mattes! I wasn’t disappointed in any of these shades! They are all beautiful, and apply deliciously! The mattes are definitely my favourite formula but that doesn’t mean the shimmers perform badly. Not in the slightest, I have always just appreciated a good matte! The sheen you get from the shimmers are something else. And they are so smooth feeling! One swipe of your finger over your lid and BOOM pigment!

These are the looks I came up with, using this palette! And I love them all!

Sagittarius, Hot Sauce, Queen
Pops, Bear
Mamas Girl, 1706, Lola
So Cute, Magic, Miami
1706, Glow Baby, 13
13, Miami, Glow Baby, 1706
Sassy, Pops, Queen

Starlight, Glow Baby, A.F, Pops, Lola

Onto the lip kit! The lip kit consists of two matte liquid lipsticks and a lipgloss. Don’t mix the two up, I did that to begin with 🙈

The liquid lipsticks are a lovely consistency and don’t dry down without a little bit of tack. Which I like as I have very dry lips. It feels like a slightly drier (dry as in not wet not as in crusty feeling) version of an actual matte lipstick. The shade Wishes is a peachy pink and is fairly pale but still very neutral and pretty. The shade Ever After is my favourite of the collection and is a neutral tan shade, and looks so stunning, and almost looks like a freckle colour. Very flattering on my very pale skin! Ditzy is the gloss, and is very sheer and just applies a wash of nude on the lips. It isn’t sticky, feels very nourishing and hydrating. So my dry lips LOVE that! For £6 and you get the quality of these three lip products! Very impressed!

All in all this collection costs £16. What an absolute bargain. And it certainly doesn’t perform like it costs £16! It performs so highly! But would you expect anything less when the company is tied to Revolution? Such a fantastic brand for such an affordable and accessible price! I have really enjoyed using these products! Not just used them for a review, but genuinely enjoyed wearing them, playing with them and coming up with looks with them! I can totally see why Belle created this, and it screams her! You can come up with her signature grunge looks with this or create your own! It is so versatile!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you for reading! 💛✨

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