Products I Regret Buying | May 2019

I’ve collected enough products for another one of these! And oooo its a good’un! These products weren’t necessarily bad (okay one or two were) but there are reasons as to why I regret buying them. Be it texture, smell or pigmentation. Onto the reasons!!

Zoeva Sweet Glamour Palette – As you guys know I love Zoeva and have reviewed many of their products! Their brushes are gorgeous and their shadows feel so Luxe and velvety. But this palette was a massive flop. The mattes were okay, but they were so powdery and fluffy that they blew away when you blended them. But the shimmers has no pigment! Absolute disaster! I did a full review on this so will link that here:

Boots Lift Dramatically Hydrating Oil – This is actually okay. But it stays at okay. The oil is hydrating but it doesn’t leave your skin tacky, instead slippy and greasy. I prefer oils and serums to leave a tackiness to your skin, so they provide that extra layer of moisture. This just sits on top making you feel greasy. Does what it says on the tin, as it does hydrate, but I just hate the texture!

Revolution Eye Glisten (Desired) – I’ll be honest, the other shades I quite enjoy, but this shade is awful! The glitter packs 0 punch! I tried every which way to use this, be it a liner or topper and it simply didn’t work and removed product. The shimmer shade is nice, but that’s only half of the product! And the glitter side was what appealed to me most! Very disappointed; very bad product! Link below of the full review, including pictures!

Morphe M517 – This brush. It is so stiff, scratchy and sheds like you wouldn’t believe! I like Morphe products, despite the negative press. But this brush is horrid! I have tried using it for everything from eyeshadow to concealer and every time it hurts, or leaves me with hair all over my face! Definitely would rather recommend the M512 over this, and is a similar rounder shape!

Benefit Gold Rush Mini – This is one of those products that is actually really nice, but again it just doesn’t work for me, and I don’t know I bought it. It is a very pale blush, and as we all know, I prefer a much more intense blush! This is just a little lack lustre, for me. So I have passed it on to my momma, who really enjoys it. These blushes smell amazing and do have a lovely velvet finish to them, they just are a bit wishy washy in pigment and colour for me!

Enzo Laszlo Exfoliate and Detox Cleansing Soap – I got this in a LookFantastic box so I didn’t technically buy this, as this itself is above the box fee. I’m not even gonna beat around the bush, this freaking STINKS! Like it smells vile. It smells like they Clay you use in school to make pots for your mum. Mixed with a muddy, earthy smell. It is rank. It hasn’t even been used because I cannot get passed the smell. And it is a taste thing, as I made my mum smell it and she didn’t really think it was as bad as I thought. But it is the kind of smell that makes me cough and splutter. It’s so bad! I’m sure it works well. But oh lord, it stinky!

I hope you enjoyed this, like I said some of these products are bad, others are just not for me! Let me know one of your disappointing products of the month!

Thank you so much for reading!

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