Full Review | No7 Powder Blusher

I love blush, if you haven’t guessed, I love a strong strong blush, as I’m so pale, and find it lifts my skin and brightens my complexion. I love peach blushes, pink blushes, plum blushes, bronze blushes. I just freaking love blush okay!? So thought I would review these as an affordable brand to see that quality! And I haven’t heard much about these so I was intrigued!

The packaging is lovely and travel friendly. Thin, compact and you can see the colour through the lid. Awesome. They come in about 6 shades, I picked up Apricot Blossom which, to me, is a dupe for MAC Peaches. It has a brightening factor to it and warms up the face too. Beautiful. I also picked up Rose Blossom which is a perfect pink shade. Slightly deeper than say, Tarte Blushing Bride. These blushes also have a lovely smooth matte texture that applies evenly on the skin. Not a patch in sight! I usually apply these with an angled blush brush, for example my Morphe Y4 or my Zoeva Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush. And they apply them like a DREAM. The pigmentation of these are incredible and so are the lasting power. Day to day, I don’t wear foundation, just a touch of concealer under my eyes and on blemishes. And this still doesn’t budge (apart from one occasion where I had a 4 hour nap..and drooled…nice).

For the face there are around 6/7 shades, they cover all areas. Honey is a natural nude shade, which I also tried but didn’t photograph as I gave it to my twin sister who loves a more natural subtle blush (even the notion!). But they go from light nudes to a deep cranberry shade, including all skin tones, which I think is fantastic for it to be so inclusive with a small shade range. And the formula is so smooth. That more should be said about these, and more people should use them!

As you can see Apricot Blossom does have illuminating properties while remaining super matte. It just brightens my dull complexion! I love it! The texture is so comparable to MAC blushes too! So if you’re a fan of those, then give these a try because they don’t impale your wallet so badly! Rose Blossom is a very pretty and girly shade. Which, due to its bluer over yellow undertones, also brightens. But in a different way. As this contrasts with my yellow undertone more. So if you have a pink undertone this would create a more cohesively bright complexion, however if you have a yellow undertone it will be a striking difference, thus lifting the complexion also.

These are around the £9 mark and you get 3g of product. Which is fair, in my opinion. Especially with the pigmentation, you don’t need to go in there so heavily, as you would a MAC blush. I have been using MAC Prism (Honey is a dupe for this), and have to dig in there a lot more to get the same affect Honey gave me. But you do get 6g of product, so to be honest you would probably go through these at the same time. You do need to be light-handed with the No7 blushes!

All in all I think these are fantastic! The quality of these blushes, for the price, are amazing. In fact not just for the price, in general, these blushes are amazing. Pigmented, smooth, not patchy, long lasting and no need for a tacky base underneath. Which is handy for me! With a tacky base, these will probably be even more pigmented, so go easy!!! I definitely recommend these to you! You won’t regret it!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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