Project Pan #1

I’ve seen so many people start this, and doing a “Stop My Stash” to use up products rather than shopping for new ones. And with quitting my job, I have no disposable income right now which means shopping is a no no. So I have shopped my stash and picked out some things that I used and loved and that I’m going to try to hit pan on! Some have a big indent in already, others I just really love so I thought I would keep using it until it’s all gone!

These are the products I chose. These are chosen because a) I really enjoy using them b) I rely on them a lot, so can certainly see them being used up and c) they are already around half empty, so it makes for a good start on this project!

Clinique Moisture Surge Facial Spray – This is a fantastic spray because it genuinely is a shot of moisture! And I rely on this on my extra dry days to apply under and over makeup to give me an extra boost of moisture. I have used around half of this, and will be gutted when this is used up, however be glad that I have actually used up a facial spray haha!

Morphe High Impact Highlighter (Spark) – This Highlighter I received in the March LookFantastic Box. And I immediately thought it was going to be too dark. But then I tried it, and it’s so gorgeous and I used it solidly for a good month and a half! So made a slight indent on it. And I do enjoy this highlighter so much as it is versatile and goes with every single look that I do as it has bronze, pink and gold. Lovely highlighter, and I’m excited to use this more frequently!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (Chantilly) – I love this concealer as it has an elastic like finish to it, so it doesn’t crack or crumble. It is very creamy (duh) and does illuminate my under eye area too, while not highlighting my spots. I have used about half of this, and then I probably bought a new concealer and popped this back in the drawer. But I’m going to use this up! And enjoy doing so!

Kiko Radiant Baked Fusion Powder (01) – This is my favourite powder of all time! It is gorgeous! Very reminiscent of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder however it is a fraction of the price, especially if you get this on one of the Kiko sales! I h e used a good amount of this, with a significant amount of pan showing, so this will probably be used up first! Fantastic product, will be gutted when this is used up, but I have other powders that I shall use up next! Stay tuned!

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Concentrate – This is a magical product! It isn’t a serum or a moisturiser, it is just a Hydrating gel but works so well. It leaves a similar tackiness that provides me a great deal of nourishment for my skin! I’ll apply this under makeup and it almost disguises my dry patches! Lovely product, and I’ve used about half of it. So I’ll continue to enjoy this product until I’ve used it up!

No7 Eyeshadow (Matte Mocha) – This is my go to eyebrow powder. It is so perfect in tone and finish! So compact which is perfect for travelling too! I love it. So much so it has a pretty big indent in it! Without hitting pan, but it is imminent! Once I use this up, I will purchase a new one, as I can’t be without it. However the eyeshadow pan is quite deep, so it won’t be for a while!

MAC Paint Pot (Painterly) – This is pretty heftily used, more so than Soft Ochre, hence why this product is here. I swear by these bases; they are amazing! And this has a large indent in it, almost touching the glass! So I’m excited to use this up. Will I repurchase this? Probably not straight away, as I have Soft Ochre to use up. But once they are both used up, yes I will repurchase!

And those are my “Project Pan” choices! I shall do updates once these products are being used up! And when we hit pan, which is always very exciting!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what your most used product is right now!

Thank you so much for taking the time reading this! 💛✨

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