Full Review | E.L.F 16Hr Camo Concealer

Concealer is probably my most used product! I have plenty of imperfections but don’t also want to wear a full face of makeup so I tend to just spot Conceal the areas I need hiding and then wear my skin bare on the rest of the face! I find that really works for me! So I’m always down for trying new ones! And heard some mixed reviews on this so thought I’d give it a go!

First off the claims of this concealer are amazing! 16hrs wear, full coverage and a great shade range! Yes, all about that! So I had to pick this up, plus Superdrug were having a 1/3 off of E.L.F products, so it was definitely a sign!

I picked up the shade Fair Warm, as I am pale with yellow undertones. And it was a really good colour for my preferences. Really brightened my under eyes. Covered a multitude of sins! It is definitely FULL coverage. Very high coverage indeed, so the claims are true! You can see on the picture below, the right side of my face is exceptionally even, freckles and blemishes are covered, under eyes look bright. From afar this concealer really looks great. As for longevity, also fantastic. I had a nap, still with half of my face concealed and not a single thing on my complexion budged (that was after powdering with my Kiko Radiant Baked Fusion Powder). It has a large doe foot applicator which is reminiscent of the famous Tarte Shape Tape! Could that be a copy cat move, or was it coincidental, I’m unsure. But either way I do like the large doe foot! And you still get plenty of control on how much product you apply too!

There was a con…a big con in my opinion, and that was texture exaggeration. I don’t know whether this is because it sets more matte or whether it simply is because I have a lot of texture around my eyes. But yes, I wasn’t happy with the look of it close up! Especially on my eyes. But also around my nose and pores. It also exaggerated dryness on my blemishes too! Which is soooo annoying because I can’t use this on any imperfections as up close it looks so claggy and gross! Gutted! It also creased under my eyes even after powdering so I patted it out and applied a little more powder and it looked awful! So disappointed!

All in all my skin really didn’t get on with this concealer! But it is a great concealer, as it covers things wonderfully. But I just have way too much texture on my face. I think this would suit an oilier complexion due to its matte somewhat powdery finish! On my very dry skin, it did not look good. At all!

I hope you enjoyed this review, sorry it was slightly negative! But I like to keep things completely honest with you!

Thank you so much for reading! πŸ’›βœ¨


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