First Impression | Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks

I love lipstick so much. I was totally on the liquid lipstick hype for a good 2 years, and I still love them. But I’m really getting back into actual lipsticks and lipglosses again!

So I remembered back in the day I bought Black Cherry of this formula. Used it a couple of times. Put it back in my drawer and hadn’t used it since. Didn’t really remember how I found these. So I was looking through Boots and saw this formula, and was like HANG ON A MINUTE! These look so lovely! Why haven’t I tried them, saw Black Cherry and was like, I already have one! So felt the compulsion to pick up a couple more, for first impression purposes! That’s at least how I’m justifying it, I actual fact I have a severe problem with going into Boots without picking up SOMETHING new and pretty to play with!

The packaging is delightful. The gold and the black looks very reminiscent of Chanel. But a fraction of the price; these are around £7! Very lightweight but still luxe feeling. The bullet is less sharp and more rounded, which I find more comfortable on application. They don’t have a scent, so do not distract your senses or give you a headache.

The texture is super lustrous. That is the only way I can describe this. Creamy, hydrating but super super pigmented! Yet as they have a tackier feelings they don’t have that slip and slide worry that I have with MAC Amplified lipsticks. These are all of the Creme finishes, but they also have Matte and Pearl. But I have so many matte lipsticks and don’t find pearl finishes flatter me, so thought Creme was my best option! I just can’t get over how luxurious these feel! And I paid £7 each for them! I have more expensive lipsticks that feel the same as this! I was so pleasantly surprised and almost gutted I didn’t discover these sooner.

Black Cherry – This is the most stunning deep plum shade! With a hint of reddy goodness. This is such a statement of a lip, so personally, I wouldn’t wear this with a heavy and competing eye look just because I want my lips to be the main focus! But of eyeliner and a fair amount of blush so I don’t look washed out. That’s all I need, and the look is complete! And I look classy and polished! This is a dupe for MAC Rebel! And over half the price!

Pink In The Afternoon – This is a gorgeous peachy pink shade, nice and warm toned which compliments my yellow undertones really well! You can literally wear this with any look as, opposite to Black Cherry, this is not a competing lip. This would look fantastic with a black smokey eye! It would look great with a navy and gold cut crease. Or a flick of mascara and that’s it! It’s such a versatile colour! It is a dupe for MAC Fanfare (and I kind of reach for this more….).

Bare Affair – Nude, my favourite lip colour. And this is a warm nude so again, flatters my skin tone so lovely. Kind of like a freckle, it just adds cohesion to my complexion! Similarly, it is also a lip you can wear with ANYTHING! Probably even more versatile and neutral than Pink In The Afternoon! As it doesn’t have a colour. It is a beige nude, you could wear a lime green and purple halo eye, and this would simply add completion to the look. Not competition. It is a dupe for MAC Patisserie, however it is far more pigmented; less sheer and balmy. The colour matches though!

All in all these lipsticks are amazing! Not just for the price, in general these are delicious! Very very similar to the Chanel Coco Rouge Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour. But around £22 less!!! You could buy all of these shades I mentioned today and still have change for a coffee! Seriously! So so good!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you for reading 💛✨

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