Top 5 | Concealers

Concealer is probably my most used products. I love the brightening properties on the eyes and I love how easy it is hide blemishes (until you get the mother of all bumps that creates a mountain of a shadow!). But even then it gets rid of the redness! My redness only occurs under my eyes and and on blemishes scars, I don’t suffer from rosacea. But these concealers are the ones that I find cover all of my imperfections so well! And 3/5 are high street (under £10!!).

Now what do I look for in a concealer? Pale but yellow toned, obviously! As this suits my skin tone best but I would normally go yellower in my concealer as it does counteract my redness a lot more! Full coverage, because I want to have the most flawless looking complexion possible (faking it obviously!). I also like a multi purpose concealer that works well on blemishes and on the under eyes! I’m not too bothered about creasing because I pat them out or apply powder over the top!

I’m now going to go through all of the concealers and discuss what properties each concealer has that has made me put this in my top 5! Please enjoy my very messy swatches too 🙈😅

Obsession Mega Conceal – I love the texture of this concealer. Extremely lightweight, and so brightening! The added caffeine in there really wakes your complexion up, and having dull skin, I really appreciate that! The coverage isn’t FULL FULL, but it is good. And is buildable due to the light weight formula. I do note cake with this concealer at all due to its natural skin like texture. I would say this is my current favourite!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – This is a beautiful concealer for blemishes! But under the eyes, it works, but just press any creases out before powdering! It is a lovely stretchy elastic finish. By that I mean it doesn’t dry down powdery, and it stretches with your skin when you speak or smile without it cracking! It is a natural skin like concealer so I do powder mine, for added longevity. The coverage though is also amazing!

L’Oréal Infallible More Than Concealer – This is such a fantastic full coverage concealer from the high street! It costs under £10 but the coverage, and the finish is divine! Under the eyes of on blemishes, it just works! It dries to a natural satin finish and doesn’t crack! This is probably the most full coverage concealer I have ever used and is always what I reach for when I have a stubborn blemish! So fantastic!

Revolution Conceal and Define Full Coverage Concealer – This has been the longest favourite and it is one I always have to have in my collection. It does the job. Full coverage, natural satin finish, not cakey. What more could you want! I love the tone of this concealer as it has the yellow base to it that matches my skin so well! I could go on and on about this product, it is just amazing! And not just for the price, in general, it is an amazing concealer, and I do reach for this over my higher end concealers!

Makeup Forever Full Cover – This is probably the most long lasting concealer I have ever used, due to its waterproof technology! You get 15ml and it lasts forever, because it is so pigmented, you need a tiny tiny amount per blemish! And oh lord, it looks stunning! It has the same elastic finish as the NARS concealer, but a little more coverage. Best high end concealer I have ever used! I absolutely love it! And it’s one I consistently reach for when I need my makeup to last ALL day!

And those are my top 5 concealers! Nice mix of prices and if you haven’t tried them I definitely recommend them all! They are delightful. Honourable mentions to the Clarins Instant Concealer and Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer! Also great concealers, but I only had 5 to pick! The Clarins is a bit deeper in tone, so for me is perfect in the summer, if I tan a bit. And the Urban Decay is a lovely brightening formula!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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