Collection Review | BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Brush Set and Palette

I did a bad thing…I got some money from a commission that I did….so I actually did purchase the brush set….GUILTY OKAY! But now I can do this collection Review, so I did it for you guys! And not for my own makeup fuelled gluttony!

This collection, to me, is inspired by a festival and all the colours that are seen. The sunset while listening to awesome bands, colourful clothes, glitter/sparkles and face paint. The lot. But to me it also really reminded my of a colour festival, the kind you get in India. Where you can run through powder pigment and become a rainbow. This actually inspired some “colour runs” in this country! But yeah, to me that’s what this reminds me of.

In this collection you get a 20 coloured palette filled with vivid and vibrant pigments! Also has a mirror, nice touch for travel use at a festival 😉 I see what you did there BH Cosmetics! I like it. But you also get a brush kit! With a neon pink rubberised handle on each brush and uber soft synthetic bristles. And it has every brush you could need for powder products!! I find this brush set is missing a good buffing brush for foundation. Besides that, it literally has every brush you could need for a festival!

The Palette

The palette contains 20 Eyeshadows, in various colours and finishes! They vary from warm neutrals, vibrant shimmery colours to metallic alloy shades! Stunning! The shades consist of:

Trixie – Metallic Champagne

Kandi – Shimmery Peach

Ultimate – Shimmery Teal

Carnival – Shimmery Gunmetal

Escape – Matte Deep Tan

Hippie – Matte Orange

Dippie – Matte Hot Pink

Wicked – Duochrome Purple/Blue

Magical – Metallic Light Gold

Boho – Duo Chrome Deep Pink/Gold

Swag – Matte Deep Magenta

Flash – Metallic Light Bronze

Spirit – Duo Chrome White/Lilac

Solistice – Metallic Rose Gold

Electric – Matte Mid Pink

Trance – Shimmery Royal Blue

Palooza – Matte Turquoise

Neon – Shimmery Lime Green

Euphoria – Shimmery Yellow/Gold

Hipster – Matte Chocolate Brown

The formula of these shadows are overall really nice. All but one of the shimmers are super foiled and pigmented. They apply best with a wet brush or your finger. The only shimmer I found difficult to work with was Kandi. I found it very patchy and the shimmer was fairly dim too. The texture of this shadow was a lot harder but powdery if that makes sense. So maybe I got a bad one. But the rest of the shimmers are beautiful! My favourites are Boho, Neon and Trance! The mattes are so soft and buttery! The blend beautifully and seamlessly! Absolutely gorgeous! My favourites are Electric, Swag and Hipster. The only problem I found was the link mattes do stain your eye lids a little, so they look quite pink. Not sore or anything, it is simply staining! But it goes after a day or so and can be covered with a concealer or eyeshadow base! I find cleansing oils/balms reduce the intensity of the staining. I really like the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and my Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil to minimise the staining!

These are the looks I created with this palette! I love how you can go neutral or super colourful! Such a versatile palette!

Hippie, Kandi, Trixie
Escape. Magical, Boho, Hipster
Euphoria, Neon, Palooza, Trance, Ultimate
Electric, Dippie, Swag, Spirit
Electric, Hipster, Solstice
Wicked, Swag, Trance, Spirit

Trixie, Magical, Flash, Carnival, Escape

All in all I love the shadows, bar the shade Kandi. Not a bad shade per say, it is a beautiful colour, but the formula of this shade is patchy and lack lustre. But 1 dud shadow out of a 20 shades is fabulous, to me. The rest of the shades are beautifully buttery and apply in such a stunning way. They blend deliciously together and they whole palette works so cohesively. BH Cosmetics have done it again. Well done!

The Brushes

The brush set comes with a ten brushes, all with synthetic fibres which makes it vegan and cruelty free. The brushes I prefer to use. The handle feels rubberised, kind of like the iconic Nars packaging, except this is in a gorgeous hot pink! The black ferrules go really well with the pink and the colour of the bristles, so I think they look like a really good set together, that corresponds super well with the palette!

The quality of these brushes are impeccable! They are so so so soft and feel very lovely when applying makeup! The brushes you get in this set are as followed and i have explained how I use them :

1. Powder Brush – I use this for pressed or loose powder.

2. Blush Brush – I use this for blush or bronzer!

3. Angled Contour Brush – I use this for contouring.

4. Precision Paddle Brush – I use this for face masks or eye cream!

5. Flat Concealer Brush – I use this for packing on pigments or eyeshadow.

6. Large Blending Brush – I use this for crease work!

7. Fluffy Shader Brush – I use this for packing on eyeshadow or deeper crease work.

8. Pointed Crease Brush – I use this for the outer V or detailed crease work!

9. Angled Brow Brush – I use this for my brows or lining my lid with eyeshadow.

10. Fine Liner Brush – I use this for eyeliner or detailed eyeshadow work!

Like I said these brushes are delightful! I cannot get over how soft they are! And this makes for beautiful blending work and soft shading! My favourite brushes are the Blush Brush and the Large Blending Brush! I also think the Fine Liner Brush is a fantastic addition, as it’s rare you get such a fine liner brush in a set! They are lovely! And for £22 for 10 brushes, that works out at £2.20 a brush! Bargain!!

All in all this collection is amazing, and I have very much enjoyed using them! The Palette is incredible! Especially the shade Boho 😍😍 I love it! And the brushes are beautiful quality…did I mention how soft they were?

I hope you enjoyed reading this collection review! Any other collections you want me to review?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

2 Replies to “Collection Review | BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Brush Set and Palette”

  1. I had no idea that BH Cosmetics was actually this good! For some reason, I was always skeptical about it, but looks like I have been missing out on a lot! Even the brushes look amazing! Thanks for the review, and do check out my blog as well! I look forward to reading more of your work soon!


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