My MAC Eyeshadow Collection + Reviews

Back in the day, MAC eyeshadows were all the rage because they were the best on the market. Though expensive, the quality was worth it and everyone had a palette with one, two, or more of these that they were collecting!mi loved watching the MAC Eyeshadow Collection videos to suss out which ones I wanted to get next! And so I developed a fairly hefty collection.

We now know, that there are a lot better Eyeshadows on the market, and sometimes for a hella lot less! But does that make these any less special? No. To me they will always have a special place in my heart. The quality is great (except for a few duds which I will discuss later) it’s just not the BEST out there. But that does not mean they are bad! At all! They are fantastic eyeshadows, with hype for a reason.

MAC Eyeshadows have countless colours and shades, and many different finishes. The finishes consist of Matte (a no shimmer…matte finish, duh), Matte2 (a super buttery matte texture), Lustre (sheer sparkly finish, best applied with a wet brush), Frost (super metallic and Shimmery finish), Satin (smooth rich pigment with a slight sheen), Veluxe (matte but more blendable), Veluxe Pearl (frost but more blendable) and Velvet (uber smooth with a subtle sheen). My personal favourite textures are Matte2 and Veluxe Pearl. But I find also that a lot of my favourite shades are Lustres! I like these finishes because they are unique and have some of the loveliest shades, colours and tones in these finishes.

My all time favourite shades of my MAC Eyeshadow Collection are: Sumptuous Olive, Blanc Type, Scene, Brownscript, Handwritten, Expensive Pink, Mythology and Retrospeck. I shall describe why these shades are my favourites when I go through each individual shade! But they are simply stunning and think everyone should at least have tried these once in their life! Not necessarily owned them, but had someone use them or at least swatched them! They are major heart eyes!

NOTE – when I say apply them wet, I mean spray to brush once product is packed on the brush, if you apply a wet brush in the shadow, it can make it go funny! Just a warning, that’s what happens to my Retrospeck! It went all lumpy and weird, but is really nice to use still. Just aesthetically in the pan, looks odd!

Gesso (Matte) – A bright white shade. A real staple and perfect for the inner corner or brow bone!

Nylon (Frost) – An pale champagne. The BRIGHTEST inner corner highlighter ever. So pigmented!

Blanc Type (Matte2) – Pale bone shade. The most perfect pale base shade, or inner corner shade! So so so pigmented!

Shroom (Satin) – Slightly reflective pale off white. A great subtle inner corner shade!

Retrospeck (Lustre) – Sparkly pale beige gold! One of my favourites. The finish is so unique, a subtle pale wash of colour with some insane sparkle!

Naked Lunch (Frost) Pale pink/nude. A great all over lid shade, for a subtle everyday look. Highly reflective!

Honesty (Lustre) – Mid brown with pink glitter. Such a unique shade, perfect all over the lid shade or can be built up with darker shades for a gorgeous smokey eye!

Vex (Frost) – Grey/green/pink. Yes, I know, so unique! I love this all over the lid paired with cooler tones for a smokey but everyday look!

Copperplate (Matte2) – Cement grey shade. This is the cool tone I love pairing with Bex, hence why they are together! Gorgeous buttery formula, high high pigment!

Grain (Satin) – Nude/peach with subtle shimmer. This is one of those dud shades, for me, there is no pigment, however I could just have a bad one as I know some people love this! The shade, if it worked, is stunning though!

Wedge (Matte) – Light/Mid tone brown. This shade is one of my most used crease colours! Not too warm or cool, not too dark or light!

Patina (Frost) – Cool toned brown with pink/gold shimmer. Such a unique brown shade and perfect for an everyday all over the lid colour! Has its own depth to it, and looks multidimensional!

Ricepaper (Frost) – Pale Gold. This shade is like an eyeshadow version of Becca’s Champagne Pop, but slightly less reflective! But it is super shiny, but in a smoother way. Perfect for a pop in the inner corner!

Gleam (Lustre) – Warm pink. Not the most pigmented in hue, but in finish it is so reflective and glittery! I love this paired with the next shade!

Mythology (Lustre) – Mid tone rose/rust. Such a unique shade and finish and I love pairing this with Gleam! Lovely for added depth and warmth while still providing sparkle!

Soba (Satin) – A gorgeous mid toned mustard/camel. I love pairing this with Ricepaper! Blends a dream, and very buildable!

Amber Lights (Frost) – The most perfect orange/gold shade! I love how multidimensional this shade is as it can be worn all over the lid and it literally looks like you have blended crease shades, outer v shades and highlighted shades with one eyeshadow! Stunning!

Texture (Velvet) – Neutral orange brown. One of my favourite crease shades! It provides warmth and depth without being too dark! Perfect for green eyes!

Folie (Matte) – Burgundy. This is a very hard pressed eyeshadow, but you still can get a bit of pigment from it but it’s a lot more subtle! I like wearing this along the lash line or outer v for subtle depth!

Tempting (Lustre) – Glittery bronze! This is my favourite bronze shade to wear, as it’s so sparkly and gives you a subtle wash or if you apply it wet, full on pigment!

Mulch (Velvet) – Chocolate brown. And the smoothest sheeny chocolate brown I have ever used! I love this as a liner or applied in the outer corner.

Antiqued (Veluxe Pearl) – Shimmery burgundy. I love this shade with my green eyes as it really makes them pop. Has a gorgeous depth to it and a richness to it that can’t be described!

Swiss Chocolate (Matte) – Warm milk chocolate. A delectable dark burnt orange but on the browner spectrum!

Sable (Frost) – Midtone Pink/Brown. A gorgeous shimmery shade that has a brown base but almost has a pink duo-chrome to it! So unique!

Quarry (Matte) – Brown/lilac. A beautiful neutralpurple tone that blends out seamlessly in the crease. I like wearing this with the next shade to blend it out but in a matte finish!

Satin Taupe (Frost) – The most perfect Taupe. It has hype surrounding it for a reason, it is the smoothest and butteriest Taupe ever! Like I said, I love using Quarry in the crease with this as they compliment and match perfectly.

Haux (Satin) – A muted rose brown. I love pairing this with Sable and wearing this in the crease! It compliments the pink tones perfectly and really makes green eyes pop!

Shale (Frost) – Purple taupe with pink shimmer. Similar to Satin Taupe in the tone but it is slightly more purple and has a pink shimmer to it! Beautiful and smooth texture along with stunning pay off!

Trax (Velvet) – Warm purple with gold reflects. This was the biggest fail…it has absolutely no pigment! I tried scratching the surface and digging into this shade and it is pressed so hard you can’t get anything from it. Again, I could have a dud, but for £10…there should be no duds!

Scene (Satin) – Blue toned grey. I love pairing this with Copperplate for a super cool toned look. It’s the perfect “Russian Blue” kitty colour! And is very complimentary on green eyes!

Goldmine (Frost) – A true gold shade. This was mildly disappointing as this again was pressed quite hard for me. I got more pigment than Trax but it was literally just a sheer wash of gold. I tried it wet and got enough pigment to get away with it in my inner corner, but not all over the lid.

Cranberry (Frost) – The most stunning red pink. I love this shade so much and in green eyes *faints*…it’s gorgeous! It has so much dimension to it and looks like you are wearing various eyeshadows like crease shades and centre lid shades with one single eyeshadow! It is unfathomably beautiful!

Expensive Pink (Veluxe Pearl) – A stunning warm pink with a gold shift. One of my all time favourite shades, generally in all Eyeshadows. I have tried multiple formulas but always compare it to this, and this one is the best! So smooth and pigmented!

Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl) – Multidimensional bronze. This is another shade that looks like you have put so much effort into a look. With one. Single. Eyeshadow! It suits every skin tone and complexion, it’s so beautiful!

Coppering (Veluxe Pearl) – A warm red/pink with shimmer. I love this shade with green eyes as it’s warmth brings out the yellow in my eyes! So flattering, especially with my pale complexion!

Brownscript (Matte2) – Matte Warm brown. The most perfect warm brown, might I add! It is the most pigmented warm brown I have ever used! I love wearing this all over the lid with a deeper shade for a super sultry and warm toned look!

Cork (Matte) – Cooler mid tone brown with a matte finish. A perfect transition/crease tone. It’s a cooler tone but is still very neutral! It is slightly harder pressed for me, so doesn’t supply me with the best pigment.

Smut (Velvet) – A dark grey with pink/red shimmer. Such a unique shade, and I love wearing just this along my lash lines and nothing else! It provides depth and smokiness but in a very subtle way. Plus it makes your lashes look fuller! And the pink/red shimmer enhances my green eyes!

Handwritten (Matte2) – Matte red brown. I love wearing this with Brownscript as they enhance each other beautifully! It provides depth and warmth, which is so complimentary on green eyes,

Mystery (Matte) – Dark Brown matte. This is a perfect tone for darker eyebrows or for deepening a look with a dark brown! Very neutral and suitable for all skin tones, but can be used in different ways!

Typographic (Matte2) – The darkest grey, almost black. I actually prefer this to Carbon due to the richer pigment, and it still works in the same way! Perfect for lash line smokiness or adding grunge to a look!

Club (Satin) – A red brown with blue duochrome. One of the most famous MAC eyeshadow shades! It has a richness to it and a unique shift with attests so much attention on the eyes! Apply wet for added intensity.

Sumptuous Olive (Veluxe Pearl) – Olive green with gold shift. Save the best until last. My favourite shade! Ever. It’s richness is captivating and the depth and brightness in a single swipe makes this one of the most multidimensional, “more effort gone into it than actually has”, looks.

So those are my MAC eyeshadows that I own. I have applied more but have either gone through them or decluttered them. Omega and Charcoal Brown were my go to eyebrow shades for years! And Carbon was a favourite black too, until I found typographic!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨

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