So I’ve had a lot go on the past month or so. Main one being quitting my job as a tattooist to pursue a career in nursing. I know, I didn’t expect it to happen so soon, but I knew it was something I wanted to do in the future. But I had a bad day and just thought, why on earth am I dealing with this when I don’t want to do it! And so…I took a week off to think about things and came to the conclusion to pursue becoming a nurse. Which is so terrifying but also majorly exciting! I always have loved helping people, and have lost a lot of love for tattooing over the past couple of years. A lot has happened, which I shall not delve into. But it has lead to a lot of crappy feelings. Mainly because I’m a pushover so clients etc can literally walk all over me and it gets me hurt and overworked! But anyway…that’s not anything I have to deal with anymore! So nursing…that’s the dream. I have a college course picked out for this year to give me A-Levels as I had to leave sixth form due to bullying. And then after that I have my uni all picked out and I shall study Adult Nursing! I literally fell in LOVE with the uni and the course so I said to myself I’d rather travel further for a course I love and wait, than get into uni this year and not be super stoked for the course and uni! But yeah….that’s the plan for the next few years!

But with quitting my job tattooing, your girl had to find a way to make money! And I got an interview for a local phone shop, in my town. I went to their Academy for a 3 day training course, passed all my exams and now am working there part time! But am doing as many hours as possible due to my current flexibility! But it’s a great job, I got to learn a lot, have to meet targets and it’s pretty intense if I’m honest! Lots to remember, but I’m up for the challenge! Plus I’ve always loved technology and being an artist I’ve used digital art for a fair while so I know what we look for in technology! So that knowledge comes in really useful!

I also got to celebrate my first anniversary with my boyfriend! And it was so lovely. We went to the zoo, he specifically chose one with a petting zoo for me to stroke some goats! It was amazing! They were such precious angels! But we also got to see snow leopards, flamingos, penguins, tigers, monkeys and even a bearcat! He is such a darling, makes me feel like the most special girl in the world even when I’m struggling with my anxiety or when I was in hospital with my glandular fever! And I literally looked like a thumb but he still made me feel so treasured! He’s the sweetest soul! I love him with my whole heart!

We also got to go to a ball! A charity ball for Endometriosis UK! I got to meet some very inspiring women, had a 3 course meal, got to donate some artwork for a raffle and have a lot of laughs! It was such a good night! And we raised lots of money for a charity so close to my heart. As some of you know, I do struggle daily with my endometriosis, especially bladder and ovary pain! I have a gynaecologist appointment in July, but as my gynaecologist said “there aren’t many options with me being so young”…he’s somewhat useless and doesn’t make me feel reassured in the slightest. To the point where he even suggested it was IBS…I can literally feel my left ovary pulsating…and all my symptoms for from 21 day periods, bladder problems, chronic pelvic pain etc all indicate endometriosis! Hell I had a diagnostic laparoscopy and it came back positive for endometriosis! And he had the audacity to tell me it was “just IBS”…I’m sorry but since then I really struggle to trust him…but he is literally all I have, so I’m stuck, for now. But I digress. The ball was amazing. And the money raised is going to an amazing charity which can go into research to help sufferers like myself find some answers and maybe even a cure!

I’m also due to go to my Cardiologist in the next week (this week now you’re reading this) and I get to have my diagnosis for my heart condition and discuss options with treatment. All we know up to this point is my heart beats way too fast and it’s always been put down to my anxiety, however when I was in hospital the doctors heard a murmur, so probably most of the anxiety caused is due to my rapid heart rate. It could be many things; IST (Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia), Persistent SVT (Supra-ventricular Tachycardia) or Permanent Atrial Fibrillation. All these sound scary but basically mean my heart beats irregularly sometimes but very fast always. Between 130/160 bpm. 169 bpm being my fastest when I was in hospital. I get symptoms such as palpitations, anxiety, shortness of breath, dizziness, sweating etc. I have been put on beta blockers for now and they are working a treat! I’m down to around 96/103 bpm. But there might be more invasive treatments that could potentially make it even more manageable! But these things involve things like catheter ablation, which really sounds terrifying. But if it almost heals me from my condition completely, then it’s certainly an option to heavily consider!

So that’s me…outside of the beauty side of things right now! I’m still loving my daily blog posts and reviewing all these products. I can’t wait to do a haul for you guys when I get paid, as there are a few items I’ve been desperate to try out! So I shall keep you updated! Thank you for your perseverance with my posts being more about products I already have in my collection an not new products! But soon, my lovelies! Soon!

Thank you so much for sticking with me, and I hope you’re all doing amazing! I love my interactions with you all! You are fab!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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