First Impression | E.L.F Hydrating Bubble Mask

I purchased this from the clearance section in Boots, one for me, one for my Depop! As I saw this and I knew I’ve been dying to try this. Like you know, I love a good mask! Especially hydrating ones! So thought I would as it was a bargain I’d pick a couple up! One for me and one to sell! Who can beat a bargain eh?

So I was so excited to see that E.L.F had come out with a skincare line. The prices did Shock me a little as full price, they are just a little bit cheaper than Pixi! And E.L.F is considered a very affordable brand! But from what I can tell, these products are getting great reviews, so I didn’t mind. However I did get this in the clearance (always check the clearance!! You get some absolute bargains simply because the box is a little tattered!).

The instructions state applying this to a clean, slightly damp face. And the magic starts to happen almost immediately! It tickles a bit, and itched my nose, but not in an unpleasant way! The bubbles are very fine and feel like they are actually drawing the dirt out of the skin! Once the bubbles begin to dissipate it is recommended to massage the remainder of the product into your skin and wash off your face. And then apply a moisturiser. Which is exactly what I did!

Now for the review. I loved the way this felt when it was working! It genuinely felt like it was drawing out impurities and cleaning my face! However afterwards, I didn’t feel hydrated. In fact my skin felt very stripped. And tight feeling. So I needed to moisturise almost immediately. I wouldn’t have minded if this didn’t state that it was Hydrating. I would definitely describe this more as purifying and clarifying, due to the way it left my skin feeling. Hydrated, was a no no. So i think this would work for people with normal/combo skin. My very dry skin felt very stripped from all nourishment! However on days when I need my pores clarified, I will definitely continue to use this as it genuinely works. However on the night, I would apply a super hydrating night cream of overnight mask so I get the added moisture! I love how this is Paraben, Sulphate and Phthalate free too!

All in all I like it. But it just isn’t as advertised. Would I continue to use this? Yes for purification! I really enjoy that side of it. However I do need extra hydration afterwards! But it is a great mask, and is super fun to use! I’m just disappointed it isn’t hydrating as stated!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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