Lyric Inspired Makeup #3 | Ever Dream by Nightwish

I was inspired when listening to Poison Prince by Amy MacDonald to do makeup inspired by the song. So I thought, instead of doing the actual makeup look the artist wears in the music video, what about makeup that this song inspires you to wear! So this is the series! And I hope you enjoy it! Any song recommendations, leave a comment!

So my boyfriend was round mine, and we were blogging together (I finally persuaded him to write a blog because he is an amazing writer and has a really cool interest that has Pot got enough written about). And I asked him what song I needed to do makeup to next, and he suggested Ever Dream by Nightwish…his favourite love song! Naturally I had to listen to this! And fell in love with the song! I felt like I needed a sunset crease, deep purples. Kinda grungy, but with a hint of sparkle, to encapsulate a moon hitting the water kind of appearance! And I really love what I came up with. And my boyfriend liked it too! YAY! To listen to the song, click the link below!

I started the look with a base, this time I used MAC Painterly Paint Pot. I then went into my BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Palette! I used the shade Electric and worked that into my crease. To deepen the crease I used Dippie and Swag and continued to blend. I then packed Swag into the outer third of the eye, and again blended. I applied my Revolution Cut Crease Canvas and cut the crease. I then applied Spirit with a wet packing brush and ran that all across the cut crease. I then blended more of Swag into this. I then took a black eyeliner and smudged that across the lash lines and into my waterlines. And then over the top I applied No7 Carbon Matte over the To set this in place. And for added shimmer I lightly pressed Spirit over the top of the Carbon Matte on the lid. Then for added sparkle I applied Stila Perlina Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow over the line of the cut crease! And blended Swag and Dippie across the Carbon Matte on the lower lash line, to make it super grungy but cohesive! And then i applied fluffy eyelashes and mascara! And the look was complete!

I hope you enjoyed this look!

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