First Impression | Maybelline Dream Urban Cover

As most of you know, I have been recently very loyal to my itCosmetics CC cream. Especially with the sunny weather making a brief appearance, I needed a higher SPF! But then I was browsing Superdrug and I found this little angel! And thought…I know what that looks like! So needless to say, I had to pick it up just to see the comparison. And this shade looked like a much better match for me too; far yellower!

The packaging is similar to the itCosmetics. The slightly metallic bottle, with the shade of the foundation showing and all the info on the front, rather the back. A main difference would be the squeeze tube, instead of a pump. Which I like more as I know I can get ever last drop if foundation out, rather the the itCosmetics, needing to be cut to get the last of it! So for less wasteful!

So. When applying this on the back of my hand, the shade match is perfect. A pale warm yellow shade. Very reminiscent of the shade Gobi from NARS, my perfect shade I’ve found so far. Until now! One thing very obvious is the scent of the SPF. Legit smells like sun cream. But I don’t mind that as it reminds me of my childhood and playing outside and my mum grabbing me to put sun cream on me! But it isn’t unpleasant smelling; very nostalgic!

On application it is very smooth feeling! And very nourishing on my dry skin! But not in a greasy way, more in a moisturiser kind of way, similar to the itCosmetics CC cream. Whereas the itCosmetics states it is a primer, moisturiser and foundation, the Maybelline doesn’t state this, however the texture is very similar, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was compared with the itCosmetics when the formula was being created. Just for how reminiscent the texture it! It feels Hydrating and Blurring but not compromising on coverage. Like BAM! Serious coverage!

See what I mean. As you can probably tell, the left side is with the foundation, and the right has absolutely nothing on. You can see it hides my redness wonderfully, and my blemish scarring! It also matches my chest perfectly, which is hard as my chest is paler and yellower then my face, and I prefer to match my chest then my neck/chin. Just so I get a more cohesive look.

In terms of anti-pollution, I’m not sure how I can test this. But I do work in a town centre now, and frequently go to cities, take public transport. And it doesn’t alter the way it looks or feels. Which is fab. The SPF, is fantastic, and more brands should certainly do the higher SPF foundations just so you know you’re protected simply from your foundation. And not having the slather on more and more layers of products!

The coverage lasted exceptionally well. I did have a cold, so I did have some removal on my nose, due to the blowing of my nose. But that is to be expected. On my chin and forehead/scarring, there was very little movement. The closer it got to my nose there was more movement, but I’m putting that down to the tissue usage. Not the product itself! The product works exceptionally! And is a fraction of the price of the itCosmetics one! Only difference is the scent is a lot stronger in the Maybelline one, but it isn’t distasteful! I almost like it! Like I said, nostalgia! But in terms of applications and wearing, they are very very very comparable. And I find the shade of the Maybelline one is a lot better matched for me! And it has a far better shade range; more inclusive! The itCosmetics was dragged due to its abysmal shade range, which has been improved with, I think, 5 more shades. But still…not inclusive enough!

All in all I rate this exceptionally highly! And if you have been wanting to try out the itCosmetics CC cream, which I still really enjoy. I would say choose this as it not only is a third of the price, it works just as well, and you’ll probably find a better shade for you!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know what you think of this, if you’re tried it!

Thank you so much for reading! πŸ’›βœ¨

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